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This project is a template which defines a minimal setup for running a build. You need:
* One or more maps/*.map (unless building from local sources)
* boilerplate build.xml
For testing, use:
* (defines which tests to run and sets extra properties)
* testExtra.xml (additional steps to do for testing)
For publishing your build once done, use:
* (one or more)
* boilerplate promote.xml
For extra build or packaging steps, use:
* buildExtra.xml (overrides to generic build.xml)
You can also use PDE hooks such as:
myproduct.product (not yet supported) (to disable packing for some plugins)
You may find that copying from a working example is more meaningful than using the sample "foo" project here. See links below.
You must ensure your plugins set Bundle-RequireExecutionEnvironment (BREE) correctly, since the build will NOT.
Latest documentation:
Sample projects from which to copy:
cvs -d -q co org.eclipse.dash/athena/org.eclipse.dash.commonbuilder/*.releng
svn -q co
svn -q co
svn -q co
svn -q co
Sample Hudson configuration scripts: