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-- Copyright (c) 2012 Sierra Wireless.
-- All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
-- are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
-- which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
-- Contributors:
-- Kevin KIN-FOO <>
-- - initial API and implementation and initial documentation
require 'metalua.loader'
local compiler = require 'metalua.compiler'
local mlc =
local M = {}
-- Define default supported languages
M.supportedlanguages = {}
local extractors = require 'extractors'
-- Support Lua comment extracting
for _,lua in ipairs({'lua', 'doclua'}) do
M.supportedlanguages[lua] = extractors.lua
-- Support C comment extracting
for _,c in ipairs({'c', 'cpp', 'c++'}) do
M.supportedlanguages[c] = extractors.c
-- Extract comment from code,
-- type of code is deduced from filename extension
function M.extract(filename, code)
-- Check parameters
if not code then return nil, 'No code provided' end
if type(filename) ~= "string" then
return nil, 'No string for file name provided'
-- Extract file extension
local fileextension = filename:gmatch('.*%.(.*)')()
if not fileextension then
return nil, 'File '..filename..' has no extension, could not determine how to extract documentation.'
-- Check if it is possible to extract documentation from these files
local extractor = M.supportedlanguages[ fileextension ]
if not extractor then
return nil, 'Unable to extract documentation from '.. fileextension .. ' file.'
return extractor( code )
-- Generate a file gathering only comments from given code
function M.generatecommentfile(filename, code)
local comments, error = M.extract(filename, code)
if not comments then
return nil, 'Unable to generate comment file.\n'..error
local filecontent = {}
for _, comment in ipairs( comments ) do
table.insert(filecontent, "--[[")
table.insert(filecontent, comment)
table.insert(filecontent, "\n]]\n\n")
return table.concat(filecontent)..'return nil\n'
-- Create API Model module from a 'comment only' lua file
function M.generateapimodule(filename, code,noheuristic)
if not filename then return nil, 'No file name given.' end
if not code then return nil, 'No code provided.' end
if type(filename) ~= "string" then return nil, 'No string for file name provided' end
-- for non lua file get comment file
if filename:gmatch('.*%.(.*)')() ~= 'lua' then
local err
code, err = M.generatecommentfile(filename, code)
if not code then
return nil, 'Unable to create api module for "'..filename..'".\n'..err
-- manage shebang
if code then code = code:gsub("^(#.-\n)", function (s) return string.rep(' ',string.len(s)) end) end
-- check for errors
local f, err = loadstring(code,'source_to_check')
if not f then
return nil, 'File'..filename..'contains syntax error.\n' .. err
local status, ast = pcall(mlc.src_to_ast, mlc, code)
if not status then
return nil, 'Unable to compute ast for "'..filename..'".\n'..ast
-- Extract module name as the filename without extension
local modulename
local matcher = string.gmatch(filename,'.*/(.*)%..*$')
if matcher then modulename = matcher() end
-- Create api model
local apimodelbuilder = require 'models.apimodelbuilder'
local _file, comment2apiobj = apimodelbuilder.createmoduleapi(ast, modulename)
-- Create internal model
if not noheuristic then
local internalmodelbuilder = require "models.internalmodelbuilder"
local _internalcontent = internalmodelbuilder.createinternalcontent(ast,_file,comment2apiobj, modulename)
return _file
return M