Bug 531137 - Take consideration of Vocabulary definitions in the
generated resource classes

For a Resource that define a "describes" attribute pointing to an
rdfs:class, the rdf:type of the Resource should point to that rdfs:class
(change annotations to be based on the Vocabulary properties, and not
the Domain properties.)

Similarly for a ResourceProperty that defines a "propertyDefinition".

This patch also deals with Bug 530292 (generated
OslcDomainsConstants.java should use the same names (and naming
conventions) as OSLC4J OslcConstants.java)

Change-Id: I6e66eec25c3b338ca88d0d85d7d086d3cf98ddb5
Signed-off-by: Jad El-khoury <jad@kth.se>
10 files changed