Remove references to specific front-end dev tools

If necessary, the front-end dev tools will be fetched transitively,
but let's not make it explicit as not everyone wants to use WTP (for
example some use Genuitec CodeMix or Wild Web Developer).

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Maven Integration for Eclipse WTP

Maven Integration for Eclipse WTP, a.k.a m2e-wtp, aims at providing a tight integration between Maven Integration for Eclipse (a.k.a m2e) and the Eclipse Web Tools Project (WTP) .

m2eclipse-wtp provides a set of m2e connectors used for the configuration of Java EE projects in WTP. It features :

  • Support for war projects : adds the Java and Dynamic Web Facets. Support war overlays and on-the-fly resource filtering
  • Support for ejb projects : adds the Java and EJB Facets. Supports deployment descriptor filtering.
  • Support for ear projects : adds the EAR Facet. Supports application.xml and jboss.xml file generation, resource filtering
  • Support for rar projects : adds the Java and Connector Facets.
  • Support for app-client projects : adds the Java and Application Client Facets. Supports deployment descriptor filtering.
  • Support for jar dependency projects : adds the Java and Utility Facets.
  • Support for web-fragment projects : adds the Java and Web Fragment Facets if a web-fragment.xml file is detected in the resource folders.

Note that m2e-wtp requires m2e > 1.0. You must make sure m2e's update site ( is defined in : Window > Preferences > Install / Update > Available Software Sites Since m2e 1.0 is incompatible with previous versions, you may have to uninstall old m2e and m2e-wtp versions before proceeding with the installation.

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