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<project name="javadoc-project">
<target name="create.javadoc">
<property name="projectName" value="Xpand" />
<!-- workspace defaults -->
<property name="output" value="./javadoc" />
<property name="checkoutLocation" value="../.." />
<property name="targetPlatform" value="${eclipse.home}" />
<property name="sourcesLocation" value="${checkoutLocation}/plugins/" />
<echo message="Source code location ${sourcesLocation}" />
<echo message="Javadoc output location ${output}" />
<echo message="Target platform path ${targetPlatform}" />
<!-- Define classpath -->
<path id="javadoc-classpath">
<fileset dir="${targetPlatform}">
<include name="**/*.jar" />
<exclude name="**/org.eclipse.cdt.core*.jar"/>
<!-- Prepare dirs -->
<delete dir="${output}" />
<mkdir dir="${output}" />
<javadoc destdir="${output}" Encoding="ISO-8859-1" classpathref="javadoc-classpath" maxmemory="1024m" source="1.5" useexternalfile="true" author="true" version="true" use="true" Verbose="no" windowtitle="${projectName} Documentation">
<fileset dir="${sourcesLocation}" defaultexcludes="true">
<include name="**/*.java" />
<exclude name="**/test/**" />
<tag name="generated" description="EMF generated code" />
<tag name="model" description="EMF model element" />
<tag name="ordered" description="EMF ordered" />
<tag name="noimplement" description="This interface is not intended to be implemented by clients." />
<tag name="noextend" description="This class is not intended to be subclassed by clients." />
<tag name="noinstantiate" description="This class is not intended to be instantiated by clients." />
<tag name="noreference" description="This method is not intended to be referenced by clients." />
<tag name="nooverride" description="This method is not intended to be extended (re-implement with a call to the overridden parent) or re-implemented (with no call to the overridden parent) by clients." />
<!-- Compress the output javadoc in a zip file -->
<zip destfile="${output}/" basedir="${output}">
<exclude name="*.zip" />