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<code class="code">MappingCall</code>
<p>A MappingCall specifies the invocation of a referredMapping with a set of bindings.
An installed mapping is invoked asynchronously whenever suitable values are available on consumed connections.
An invoked mapping is invoked synchronously with values provided by the caller.</p>
<a class="link" href="MappingStatement.html" title="MappingStatement">
<code class="code">MappingStatement</code>
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<code class="code">ReferringElement</code>
<span class="bold"><strong>Attributes</strong></span>
<code class="code">binding : OrderedSet(qvtimperative::MappingParameterBinding)[*|1]</code>
<p>The Set of bindings of variables or expressions to forma parameters.</p>
<code class="code">isInfinite : Boolean[?]</code>
<p>An infinite MappingCall requires re-invocation of the called mapping to be suppressed to avoid an infinite loop.</p>
<p>Deprecated ?? not needed once install works.</p>
<code class="code">isInstall : Boolean[?]</code>
<p>An install MappingCall declares a MappingCall that consumes one or more connections and appends to zero or more connections.
Invocations of the mapping are driven by the availability of values in the connection.</p>
<code class="code">isInvoke : Boolean[?]</code>
<p>An invoke MappingCall invokes a Mapping that uses one or more values and appends to zero or more connections.
Invocations of the mapping is requested by the caller.</p>
<span class="bold"><strong>Associations</strong></span>
<code class="code">referredMapping : ::Mapping[1]</code>
<p>The Mapping invoked by the MappingCall.</p>