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<project default="run" name="org.eclipse.*.releng/build.xml - Run a build using the Athena CBI">
<target name="run">
1. You must check out the following projects to your workspace:
2. You must provide Ant-Contrib in one of four places:
${thirdPartyJarsDir}/ant-contrib.jar (path can be customized below)
/usr/share/java/ant-contrib.jar (may require a symlink)
You can install Ant-Contrib via RPM, or download it here:
3. If your project's sources are in SVN, you must unpack this zip into the basebuilder project's plugins/ folder:
<!-- load properties and set timestamp for the build -->
<property file="" />
<format property="buildTimestamp" pattern="yyyyMMddHHmm" />
<!-- calculate workspaceDir as parent of this folder, the project's .releng folder (relengBuilderDir) -->
<property name="relengBuilderDir" value="${basedir}" />
<dirname file="${relengBuilderDir}" property="workspaceDir" />
can build in /tmp, eg., in /tmp/build, or in workspace, eg.,
<property name="writableBuildRoot" value="/tmp/build" />
can be simple path, eg.,
${writableBuildRoot}/${buildType}${buildTimestamp} or longer, eg.,
${writableBuildRoot}/${topprojectName}/${projectName}/downloads/drops/${version}/${buildType}${buildTimestamp} or
<property name="buildDir" value="${writableBuildRoot}/${buildType}${buildTimestamp}" />
<!-- invoke a new Eclipse process and launch the build from the common.releng folder -->
<property name="relengCommonBuilderDir" value="${workspaceDir}/org.eclipse.dash.common.releng" />
<ant antfile="${relengCommonBuilderDir}/buildAll.xml" target="runEclipse" dir="${relengCommonBuilderDir}" />