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<?eclipse version="3.4"?>
Copyright (c) 2011, 2019 Mia-Software and others.
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Gregoire Dupe (Mia-Software) - Bug 361794 - [Restructuring] EMF Facet customization meta-model
Gregoire Dupe (Mia-Software) - Bug 369987 - [Restructuring][Table] Switch to the new customization and facet framework
Gregoire Dupé (Mia-Software) - Bug 418885 - ETypedElementSwitchQuery implemented using a deprecated query evaluator extension point
Gregoire Dupe (Mia-Software) - Bug 477657 - The catalog manager should be able to manage workspace model
<extension point="org.eclipse.modisco.facet.efacet.core.queryImplementationRegistration">
<queryImplementationRegistration class="org.eclipse.modisco.facet.custom.core.internal.query.SwitchQueryImplementationFactory"/>