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<h2 id="Class_Architecture">Class Architecture</h2>
<p>In order to apply a single file discoverer directly to a project, we use the ProjectDeploymentDescriptorDiscoverer.</p>
<li>It lists all the xml files in the containers</li>
<li>It retrieves the Discoverer to be used with getSingleFileDiscoverer()</li>
<li>It applies the discoverer to every xml files listed and store the returned resource</li>
<li>It merges all the resources and open the result using the factory obtained with getDiscovererFactory()</li>
<img align="middle" title="Class Diagram for Deployment Descriptor Discoverers" alt="Class Diagram for Deployment Descriptor Discoverers" border="0" src="../img/ClassDiagramForDeploymentDescriptorDiscoverer.jpg"/>