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Splash Screen
The splash screen used for both the Eclipse SDK and Eclipse Platform Runtime is located in the bundle org.eclipse.platform (see in Git repository [1]).
It is a single file called splash.bmp (a 452x302 bitmap). The same directory in the source tree contains some PhotoShop source files that can be used to update the splash.
Typically each year the splash needs updating with the current year in the copyright statement, and the name of the Simultaneous Release.
In the same org.eclipse.platform bundle, the plugin.xml file contains properties specifying the font color and position of progress messages
that are overlayed on the splash screen during startup. These properties might need changing if there are significant changes to the splash screen layout.
See properties startupForegroundColor, startupMessageRect, and startupProgressRect
Note: If your image program offers a choice, such as GIMP 2.8.10 does, it is important to save the the bmp WITHOUT color space information saved or,
else, the splash screen will not be displayed on Windows .... apparently a silent failure to read a "modern" BMP file (watch bug 439573).
Also, The bitmap should be saved in 24 bit format (8R, 8G, 8B) for else "funny colors" (such as red instead of blue, or green instead of blue)
will sometimes appear if the 32 bit format is used, with 8 bits of "transparency".