[TOB-73,359,403,430] doc: userdoc and finish

Commit contains all backend tasks for the sprint ten.

The focus of sprint 10 was to:

- move documentation from backend repo to docu repo
- finish architecture documentation
- add userdocumentation
- finish howto Documentation
- add howto for using other databases


[TOB-430] doc: architecture documentation
 * cleanup documentation

[TOB-430] doc: Add building block view for front end

[TOB-450] doc: Add user doc link to how to run

[TOB-430] doc: update images
 * fixed typos in architecture documentation images
 * fixed userdoc images
 * added frontend component diag
 * added feature modules diag

[TOB-430] doc: Update front-end dependencies
 * Fix typos/grammar
 * Remove text block newline/pagebreak markdown

[TOB-449] doc: userdoc
 * add portrait version of workflow in attachment
 * fix typos

[TOB-449] doc: userdoc cleanup
 * replaced placeholder images of admin sections
 * replaced popup image
 * fixed typos and formulations in documentation
 * added java parameter to build script

[TOB-359] doc: howto alternate databases
 * added documentation for alternate databases (i.e. Oracle)

[TOB-449] doc: enhance userdoc
 * enhanced content
 * fixed some typos
 * fixed references

[TOB-449] doc: enhance userdocumentation
 * added workflow data section
 * added admin sections

[TOB-449] doc: enhance userdocumentation
 * added sections for textblock editor
 * added images
 * added sections for statement official in charge
 * added sections for approver
 * added sections for department member

[TOB-448] doc: user documentation
 * added basic document structure
 * added description of main user interface views

[TOB-394] doc: architecture documentation
 * enhance architecture documentation by adding database and workflow
   engine sections and cleaned up some typos, etc.
 * update image references from png to svg for smaller document size and
   sharper images

[TOB-403] doc: Update howtoRun/howtoBuild for front end

[TOB-403] doc: move doc to documentation repo
 * copied documentation from statement module back-end repo.
 * added /README.md
 * added /pom.xml for maven build
 * added /build script to run the build in an encapsulated docker

Signed-off-by: Tobias Stummer <stummer@develop-group.de>
149 files changed
tree: 3c918662281123b06c9de86b0ddfa113753e92a1
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  2. pom.xml
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Eclipse openK User Modules - Statement Public Affairs documentation

This application represents a user module for the Eclipse openK User Modules project.


Run mvn clean build to build the documentation. All build artifacts will be stored in the targets/ directory.