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Eclipse openK User Modules - Statement Public Affairs Frontend

This application represents a user module for the Eclipse openK User Modules project.


With npm in the path variable, run first npm install to download and install all dependencies of this module. After that, all npm scripts for deploying, developing and testing are available.

Additionally, archiving the build as WAR file requires also the Java Archiver command line tool in the path variable.


The whole application can be configured via certain properties in file ./app.config.json. Changes to these properties take only effect after (re-)building the application.

  • routes.spaBackend: Route on which the website's backend is served
  • routes.portal: Route on which the main portal is served
  • routes.contactDataBase: Route on which the contact data base
    module is served
  • routes.userDocu: Route on which the user documentation is served
  • leaflet.urlTemplate: URL template to the map tile server required by Leaflet
  • leaflet.attribution: Attribution which is added to all Leaflet maps
  • Default coordinates and zoom level to which all leaflet maps are initially configured
  • gis.urlTemplate: URL template to the geographic information system (GIS)
  • gis.projectionFrom: Coordinate projection used by the configured Leaflet tile server
  • gis.projectionTo: Coordinate projection used in the configured GIS
  • nominatim.url: URL to a Nominatim geocoding service
  • nominatim.searchQueryPrefix: Prefix which is added automatically to every Nominatim search query

The following key words are replaced in the given GIS URL template for each map view:

  • {centerX}, {centerY}: Center coordinates
  • {northEastX}, {northEastY}: North east boundary coordinates
  • {northWestX}, {northWestY}: North west boundary coordinates
  • {southEastX}, {southEastY}: South east boundary coordinates
  • {southWestX}, {southWestY}: South west boundary coordinates
  • {user}: User name

All coordinates are transformed via a HTTP call to the back end. For all available projections, please visit Proj4j.


Building the application is done via the Angular CLI or by the provided scripts in the ./package.json (which also provide all necessary configuration steps):

  • npm run build Build the application via the Angular CLI to the ./dist/statement-public-affairs folder
  • npm run archive Archive the build as WAR file to ./dist/statement-public-affairs-frontend.war

Note that the archiving script requires the Java Archiver (jar) command line tool in the path variable.


Run npm run start for setting up a local dev server which is served on http://localhost:4200/. The local dev server is also a proxy which can be configured by the file ./proxy.conf.json. It redirects all calls to the back end to a specific location.

Run npm run test to execute all tests via Karma and Jasmine. This also sets up a local dev server with live reload.

Run npm run test:report instead to generate a coverage report at the folder ./coverage/statement-public-affairs.

Run npm run lint for linting all source files, both typescript and (s)css code.

Run npm run lint:report to generate instead linting report files at ./ and ./

Run npm run sonar to upload the test and linting reports to a sonarqube instance via the sonar-scanner. This can be configured either by the ./ file or by arguments on the command line. For example, uploading the reports to a different port can be done via:

npm run sonar --


Run start:storybook for setting up a local storybook server.

Run build:storybook instead for building the storybook webpage for later use.

Miscellaneous Scripts

Run npm run list-licenses to generate a listing of all packages and their licenses used for production. A file is created at ./licenses.txt. The content of this file is required in the ./ file.

Run npm run check-legal-headers to check if all source files have a specific legal header.

Git Hooks

Run npm run pre-commit to check if a commit passes the pre-commit script. This script concatenates npm run lint and npm run check-legal-headers.