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= Apache Ant Notes
`org.apache.ant` is special compared to other recipes. It has a few requirements for
backwards compatibility reasons.
The whole painful exercise is documented here:[]
The exceptions/requirements are:
1. The bundle must be installed as directory not jar
2. The bundle must be an all in one bundle of multiple dependencies
3. All dependencies must be placed as jar files into `lib` folder within the bundle
4. The dependency jar files must have any version string removed from their names
5. The `bin` and `etc` folders must be added from the Ant binary distribution zip file
6. Copy DOM-LICENSE and SAX-LICENSE from old ant project
7. Copy LICENSE and NOTICE from Apache source distribution
8. The 'bin', 'etc' and 'lib' as folders should not be exported
To address #1 the `Eclipse-BundleShape: dir` header must be added in `osgi.bnd`. This acts as
a default in case nothing is set in `feature.xml`.
For #2, #3 and #4 the EBR plug-in was enhanced to allow that behavior. It's enabled by setting
`recipe.unpackdependencies` and `recipe.stripversion` property in the recipe's pom.
For #5 the folders were taking from the Ant binary distribution zip file and added to
`src/main/resources`. This will copy them as part of the recipe build into the bundle.
For #8 the '.' folder is excluded from the `Bundle-ClassPath` header by setting property
`recipe.excludedotfolder` in the recipe's pom.
NOTE: The Ant binary distribution contains a file `ant-bootstrap.jar` in the `etc` folder.
This jar was purposely excluded because it was not present in older versions of the
Ant bundle.