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Dependency hierarchy

The following represents the dependency hierarchy for adds to orbit related to this bundle. When this bundle is updated, some or all of the related adds may need to be updated also. ----io.opencensus:opencensus-contrib-http-util:0.26.0 ----io.opencensus:opencensus-api:0.26.0 ------io.grpc:grpc-context:1.29.0

CQ Info

In order to aid in future CQs, here is the CQ information for the related adds. Apache 2

Google HTTP Client Library for Java. Functionality that works on all supported Java platforms, including Java 7 (or higher) desktop (SE) and web (EE), Android, and Google App Engine.

Maven Information

Group Id: Artifact Id: google-http-client Version: 1.34.2 File: google-http-client-1.34.2.jar Apache 2

Jackson 2 extensions to the Google HTTP Client Library for Java.

Maven Information

Group Id: Artifact Id: google-http-client-jackson2 Version: 1.34.2 File: google-http-client-jackson2-1.34.2.jar BSD 3

Open source authentication client library for Java.

Maven Information

Group Id: Artifact Id: google-auth-library-credentials Version: 0.20.0 File: google-auth-library-credentials-0.20.0.jar Apache 2

A collection of source code generators for Java.

Maven Information

Group Id: Artifact Id: auto-value-annotations Version: 1.7 File: auto-value-annotations-1.7.jar Apache 2

A set of annotations that provide additional information to the J2ObjC translator to modify the result of translation.

Maven Information

Group Id: Artifact Id: j2objc-annotations Version: 1.3 File: j2objc-annotations-1.3.jar

-io.opencensus:opencensus-contrib-http-util:0.26.0 Apache 2

The OpenCensus HTTP Util for Java is a collection of utilities for trace instrumentation when working with HTTP.

Maven Information

Group Id: io.opencensus Artifact Id: opencensus-contrib-http-util Version: 0.26.0 File: opencensus-contrib-http-util-0.26.0.jar

-io.opencensus:opencensus-api:0.26.0 Apache 2

OpenCensus is a toolkit for collecting application performance and behavior data.

Maven Information

Group Id: io.opencensus Artifact Id: opencensus-api Version: 0.26.0 File: opencensus-api-0.26.0.jar

-io.grpc:grpc-context:1.29.0 Apache 2

A high-performance, open source universal RPC framework

Maven Information

Group Id: io.grpc Artifact Id: grpc-context Version: 1.29.0 File: grpc-context-1.29.0.jar

Maven :dependencyTree output

[INFO] --- maven-dependency-plugin:3.1.1:list (default-cli) @ google-auth-library-oauth2-http --- [INFO] [INFO] The following files have been resolved: [INFO] -- module auto.value.annotations (auto) [INFO] -- module jsr305 (auto) [INFO] -- module [auto] [INFO] -- module [auto] [INFO] org.apache.httpcomponents:httpclient:jar:4.5.10:compile -- module org.apache.httpcomponents.httpclient [auto] [INFO] commons-logging:commons-logging:jar:1.2:compile -- module commons.logging (auto) [INFO] commons-codec:commons-codec:jar:1.11:compile -- module org.apache.commons.codec [auto] [INFO] org.apache.httpcomponents:httpcore:jar:4.4.12:compile -- module org.apache.httpcomponents.httpcore [auto] [INFO] -- module j2objc.annotations (auto) [INFO] io.opencensus:opencensus-api:jar:0.24.0:compile -- module opencensus.api (auto) [INFO] io.grpc:grpc-context:jar:1.22.1:compile -- module grpc.context (auto) [INFO] io.opencensus:opencensus-contrib-http-util:jar:0.24.0:compile -- module opencensus.contrib.http.util (auto) [INFO] -- module [auto] [INFO] com.fasterxml.jackson.core:jackson-core:jar:2.10.1:compile -- module com.fasterxml.jackson.core [INFO] -- module [auto] [INFO] -- module failureaccess (auto) [INFO] -- module listenablefuture (auto) [INFO] org.checkerframework:checker-compat-qual:jar:2.5.5:compile -- module org.checkerframework.checker.qual [auto] [INFO] -- module [auto] [INFO] junit:junit:jar:4.13:test -- module junit [auto] [INFO] org.hamcrest:hamcrest-core:jar:1.3:test -- module hamcrest.core (auto)