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/// @group root/osbp
@import "variables-osbp.scss"; /* settings specific to this theme */
@import "variables-common.scss"; /* settings used by themes of this set, TODO */
/// contains file imports used by all theme variants
@import "osbp-common.scss";
/* /!\ theme-specific settings overwrite common settings */
@mixin osbp {
@include valo;
//@include os-base;
@include os-pageframe;
@include os-header;
@include os-login;
@include os-table;
@include os-tabsheet;
@include os-dialog;
@include os-user;
@include os-user-accordion;
//@include os-birt-report;
@include os-icons;
//@include os-sidebar;
//@include os-sidebar-table-variant;
@include os-sidebar-buttonpanel;
@include os-responsive;
@include os-gridview;
@include os-grid-util;
@include os-charts;
@include os-configdialog;
@include os-suggesttext; /* before cash-register */
@include os-cash-register;
//@include os-ignore-dimensions;
@include os-progress-login;
@include os-popup-notification;
@include ex-drag-drop-layout;
@include os-absolutelayout;
@include os-designer;
@include os-grid-render-coll;