MQTT Client Package - C for embedded devices

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  5. 2d89fa0 MQTTSerialize_ack dup and packet id parameters are in the wrong order by Ian Craggs · 4 years, 9 months ago

Eclipse Paho MQTT C/C++ client for Embedded platforms

This repository contains the source code for the Eclipse Paho MQTT C/C++ client library for Embedded platorms.

It is dual licensed under the EPL and EDL (see about.html and notice.html for more details). You can choose which of these licenses you want to use the code under. The EDL allows you to embed the code into your application, and distribute your application in binary or source form without contributing any of your code, or any changes you make back to Paho. See the EDL for the exact conditions.

The MQTTPacket directory contains the lowest level C library with the smallest requirements. This supplies simple serialization and deserialization routines. It is mainly up to you to write and read to and from the network.

The MQTTClient directory contains the next level C++ library. This still avoids most networking code so that you can plugin the network of your choice.

Build requirements / compilation

There are helper scripts (build...) in various directories. The client library is a set of building blocks which you pick and choose from, so that the smallest MQTT application can be built.

Usage and API

See the samples directory for examples of intended use.

Runtime tracing

As yet, there is no tracing. For the smallest client, should we have tracing?

Reporting bugs

Please report bugs under the “MQTT-Embedded-C” Component in Eclipse Bugzilla for the Paho Technology project.

More information

Discussion of the Paho clients takes place on the Eclipse paho-dev mailing list.

General questions about the MQTT protocol are discussed in the MQTT Google Group.

There is much more information available via the MQTT community site.