Modeling environment with Papyrus

Our application is a component of Papyrus, an integrated and user-consumable environment for editing any kind of EMF model and particularly supporting UML2 and related modeling languages .



Use Designer to design your application as interconnected components and ease their implementation through code generation.

Designer, a component of Papyrus

This site is mainly dedicated for developers, you can find information relative to the Designer's developments, such as Git, Dependencies, Javadoc, procedures, tips etc... If you are looking to informations linked to Papyrus, please have a look to the official Papyrus main site.


Have a look at the online developer documentation of developer or download it as pdf developer-guide.pdf.

Have a look at the online user documentation of user or download it as pdf user-guide.pdf.


Papyrus Designer is a component of the Eclipse Papyrus's galaxy. Papyrus Designer application is a Papyrus environment dedicated for component-based modeling and code generation.