Bug 512989 - [DSML Validation] The dsml validation extra should be moved
to incubation repository

- Really removing the dependency to DSML validation from rsa migration
- update target platforms to remove DSML validation, and also update
UML2 dependency to 5.3.0 (oxygen version)
- update the  guava dependency (import-package rather than plugin
- updating target platforms for tests also...

Change-Id: Ic52b6eda50e8c1bbcb57fac52e8d764582aeeb5b
Signed-off-by: Remi Schnekenburger <rschnekenburger@eclipsesource.com>
7 files changed
tree: 631b728cb8a5aaeda0c40b09f50155a7c4812b0a
  1. common/
  2. diagram-definition/
  3. releng/
  4. rpy/
  5. rsa/
  6. sysml14/
  7. .gitattributes
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  9. README.md


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