Bug 581812 - [Robotics] Problems with code-generation of skill realizations

- Adding a createPortConstructionCommands() method that generates correct comma separators btw BT::InputPort and/or BT::OutputPort constructor calls
- Adding a boolean flag to createProvidedPortsMethod() API call to indicate whether basic port instantiation inherited by Nav2 is needed (this method now delegates the generation of in/out port constructor calls to the createPortConstructionCommands() method)
- Generating a directive to include header bt_utils/generic_types_conversions.hpp for the 3 skill realizations available (actions, conditions, skills that don't use coordination services)
- Adding calls to Papyrus SW Designer's ProtSection.protSection method to protect user-provided code and prevent user code overwriting
- Changing the realization of skills that don't use coordination services from SyncActionNode to ActionNodeBase class
- Making param constructable BT nodes able to implement the static method providedPorts() even when no ports are defined

Change-Id: Ie44d19ca3cbaa4bc3961cc69e3892284b9cbc848
Signed-off-by: Matteo MORELLI <matteo.morelli@cea.fr>
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