Bug 582095 - [Robotics] Several small issues

1. Python: if no chrono literal postfix is found, pass unmodified value
   (modified python ComponentTransformations)

2. Port handlers: use varName function to escape some potentially problematic names in new function that is created when connecting an activity port
  (modified CreateFunctionsCommand)

3. Take all communication objects into account (modified InteractionUtils)

4. In an action, loop over feedback attributes instead of twice over response (modified CreateMessage)

5. Add escapeUnderscore function to RosHelpers and use it for filename calculations
   For consistency: Move CamlCase function into RosHelpers, since rather specific for ROS)

Change-Id: I3eeaf7c8507f4b971662bcd46eb586ec2cad82fb
Signed-off-by: aradermache <ansgar.radermacher@cea.fr>
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