Bug 529131 - [RobotML] Create an oxygen release

* add .architecture to the build properties
* remove the old viewpoint configuration
* rename the robot ML Architecture Domain
* add a class diagram and a state machine diagram representation kind to
rename them in robotml viewpoint
* new model --> display the robotML representation kinds as well as the

Change-Id: If317f45b45a0ae760beed3d9fdfa40fc3a19f308
Signed-off-by: Asma Smaoui <asma.smaoui@cea.fr>
4 files changed
tree: 299332e29ba3a8064deecc51679c959d58bfd420
  1. generators/
  2. org.eclipse.papyrus.robotml/
  3. org.eclipse.papyrus.robotml.deployment/
  4. org.eclipse.papyrus.robotml.diagram.common/
  5. org.eclipse.papyrus.robotml.diagram.ui/
  6. org.eclipse.papyrus.robotml.doc/
  7. org.eclipse.papyrus.robotml.help/
  8. org.eclipse.papyrus.robotml.modelexplorer/
  9. org.eclipse.papyrus.robotml.perspective/
  10. org.eclipse.papyrus.robotml.templaterepository/
  11. org.eclipse.papyrus.robotml.validation/
  12. releng/
  13. src/
  14. targetplatform/
  15. .gitignore
  16. .project
  17. pom.xml
  18. readme.md


This projects aims at providing a modeling environment for robotic applications with Papyrus.

How to build

Components in this project are built using Maven and its Tycho plugin for the build of Eclipse artifacts. To build locally, simply execute the command line:

mvn clean install

To also build the modules relative to RCP and Product, please activate the following profile:

mvn clean install -Pproduct

### Building for Eclipser server ###

If you want to pack and sign the project, you have to use the following profiles: