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This git will host the code integrating Sirius Diagrams into a Papyrus context.
The initial bugs are:
571959: [Sirius][Diagram] Provide a class Diagram developped with Sirius
571960: [Sirius][Diagram] Provide the code allowing to open a Sirius Diagram into Papyrus
575856: [Sirius][Integration][Properties][Notation] The properties view for the Papyrus GMF Notation must be desactivated on Sirius Diagram
575859: [Sirius][Integration] The facet query org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.gmfdiag.modelexplorer.queries.IsDiagramContainer also find Sirius Diagram
577301: [Sirius] create and init a new git org.eclipse.papyrus-sirius to host new Sirius Diagram code for Papyrus