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  1. cb1a3d6 Bug 561321 - Convert tests to JUnit 4 by Alexander Kurtakov · 1 year, 4 months ago master I20200321-1800 I20200322-0300 I20200322-1150 I20200322-1800 I20200323-1800 I20200324-1800 I20200325-1800 I20200326-1800 I20200327-1800 I20200328-1800 I20200329-1800 I20200330-1800 I20200331-1800 I20200401-1800 I20200402-0410 I20200402-0850 I20200402-1800 I20200402-2250 I20200403-1800 I20200404-0330 I20200404-0600 I20200404-1220 I20200404-1800 I20200405-0600
  2. 577af64 Bug 561169 - [14] Remove disclaimers from PDE code base and merge Beta by Vikas Chandra · 1 year, 4 months ago I20200318-1100 I20200318-1400 I20200318-1800 I20200319-0550 I20200319-1800 I20200320-1800 I20200321-0440
  3. 25b12dd Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/BETA_JAVA14' by Vikas Chandra · 1 year, 4 months ago
  4. b898d19 Bug 560872 - POM and product version change for 4.16 release by Mat Booth · 1 year, 5 months ago I20200307-1145 I20200307-1800 I20200308-1800 I20200309-0810 I20200309-1800 I20200310-0810 I20200310-1800 I20200311-1800 I20200312-1800 I20200312-1835 I20200313-0810 I20200313-1800 I20200314-1800 I20200315-1800 I20200315-2240 I20200316-1800 I20200317-1800 X20200306-1900 X20200311-0820 X20200311-1900 X20200311-2150 X20200312-0700 X20200312-1210 X20200312-1530 X20200312-1900 X20200313-0410
  5. a192cc9 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into BETA_JAVA14 by Vikas Chandra · 1 year, 5 months ago P20200303-0310 P20200311-1045 Y20200305-0600 Y20200308-0520 Y20200308-0700 Y20200309-1300 Y20200310-0525 Y20200311-0915 Y20200313-1100 Y20200314-1405 Y20200316-0820 Y20200316-1300 Y20200317-0225
  6. c50ae1b Bug 549441 - Rework usages of AbstractUIPlugin#imageDescriptorFromPlugin by Alexander Fedorov · 1 year, 5 months ago R4_15_maintenance I20200221-1800 I20200222-0600 I20200222-1800 I20200223-0600 I20200223-1800 I20200223-2335 I20200224-0600 I20200224-1800 I20200225-0600 I20200225-1800 I20200226-0600 I20200226-1800 I20200228-1800 I20200229-0600 I20200229-1800 I20200301-0030 I20200301-0600 I20200301-1800 I20200301-2310 I20200302-0600 I20200302-1800 I20200303-0600 I20200303-1800 I20200304-0600 I20200304-1800 I20200305-0155 R4_15 S4_15_0_RC1 S4_15_0_RC2 X20200221-1130 X20200222-0700 X20200223-0250 X20200223-0700 X20200223-1900 X20200224-0700 X20200224-1900 X20200225-0700 X20200225-1900 X20200226-0700 X20200227-0130 X20200227-0700 X20200227-1900 X20200228-0520 X20200228-0700 X20200228-1900 X20200229-0700 X20200229-1900 X20200301-0700 X20200301-1900 X20200302-0700 X20200302-0930 X20200302-1900 X20200303-0700 X20200303-1900 X20200304-0700 X20200304-1900 X20200305-0700 X20200305-1900 X20200306-0700
  7. 955b0b0 Fix typos in extension point description by Michael Keppler · 1 year, 7 months ago I20191228-1800 I20191229-1800 I20191229-2200 I20191230-1800 I20191231-1800 I20200101-1800 I20200102-1800 I20200103-1800 I20200104-0600 I20200104-0625 I20200104-1800 I20200105-0600 I20200105-0955 I20200105-1800 I20200106-0600 I20200106-1805 I20200107-0600 I20200107-1800 I20200108-0025 I20200108-0600 I20200108-0930 I20200108-2240 I20200109-2350 I20200110-0200 I20200110-0905 I20200110-1805 I20200111-0230 I20200111-0325 I20200111-1800 I20200112-1800 I20200113-0130 I20200113-1800 I20200114-1805 I20200115-1800 I20200116-0310 I20200116-0330 I20200116-0930 I20200116-1800 I20200117-1800 I20200118-1800 I20200119-1800 I20200119-2330 I20200120-0115 I20200120-0355 I20200120-0445 I20200120-0530 I20200120-0715 I20200120-1800 I20200121-1805 I20200121-2225 I20200122-1805 I20200123-0430 I20200123-0525 I20200123-1800 I20200124-1800 I20200125-1805 I20200126-0250 I20200126-1800 I20200127-1800 I20200128-1805 I20200129-0100 I20200129-0935 I20200129-1800 I20200130-1800 I20200131-1800 I20200201-1800 I20200202-1800 I20200203-1800 I20200204-1800 I20200205-0030 I20200205-1800 I20200206-1805 I20200207-1800 I20200208-1800 I20200209-1800 I20200210-1800 I20200211-1800 I20200212-0910 I20200212-1420 I20200212-1800 I20200212-1810 I20200213-0640 I20200213-1100 I20200213-1210 I20200213-1520 I20200213-1800 I20200214-0620 I20200214-1800 I20200215-0600 I20200215-1800 I20200216-1145 I20200216-1800 I20200217-0600 I20200217-1800 I20200218-0600 I20200218-1800 I20200219-0600 I20200219-1800 S4_15_0_M1 S4_15_0_M3 X20200217-1120 X20200218-0510 X20200219-0500 X20200219-0700 X20200219-1900 X20200220-0700 X20200220-1900 X20200221-0050 X20200221-0310 X20200221-0440 X20200221-0700
  8. e7f1a59 Merge commit 'd5b358d4b0f94e846fece0d3db79a5a0366dc5ed' into BETA_JAVA14 by Vikas Chandra · 1 year, 8 months ago P20200122-0455 P20200122-0550 P20200123-0805 P20200128-0510 P20200302-0245 Y20191217-0600 Y20200103-2350 Y20200108-0435 Y20200114-0045 Y20200120-0020 Y20200120-2315 Y20200121-0055 Y20200126-2245 Y20200127-1055 Y20200130-0045 Y20200204-0035 Y20200218-0120 Y20200218-0315 Y20200218-1210 Y20200218-1420 Y20200219-0850 Y20200219-1055 Y20200225-1040
  9. d5b358d Add Bundle-Vendor to silence warning. by Alexander Kurtakov · 1 year, 8 months ago I20191213-1805 I20191214-1800 I20191215-1800 I20191216-1805 I20191217-1800 I20191218-0015 I20191218-1805 I20191219-1800 I20191220-1805 I20191221-1800 I20191221-2205 I20191222-1800 I20191223-1800 I20191224-1800 I20191225-1800 I20191226-1800 I20191227-1800
  10. fd4a96a Bug 558239 - reverted change caused NPE in ReachablePlugin.compareTo by Andrey Loskutov · 1 year, 8 months ago
  11. c487e62 Lambda and foreach conversion. by Alexander Kurtakov · 1 year, 8 months ago
  12. 345c700 Bug 558239 - Replace usage of VersionRange#getMaximum by #getRight by Karsten Thoms · 1 year, 8 months ago I20191212-1800 I20191213-0155
  13. ce6612d Bug 553742 - POM and product version change for 4.15 release by Niraj Modi · 1 year, 8 months ago I20191209-1130 I20191209-1310 I20191209-1600 I20191209-2205 I20191210-0230 I20191210-1800 I20191211-0135 I20191211-1805
  14. c3dac75 Bug 552924 - Ensure PDE export works OK for a plugin project with Java14 by Vikas Chandra · 1 year, 9 months ago I20191209-1110 Y20191112-0030 Y20191126-0500 Y20191127-0140 Y20191208-2315
  15. a977849 Move away of deprecated Number constructors. by Alexander Kurtakov · 1 year, 10 months ago R4_14_maintenance I20191011-1800 I20191012-1800 I20191013-1800 I20191014-1800 I20191015-1800 I20191016-1800 I20191018-0720 I20191018-1800 I20191019-1800 I20191020-1800 I20191022-0405 I20191022-1800 I20191023-1810 I20191024-1800 I20191025-1805 I20191026-1800 I20191027-1800 I20191028-1800 I20191029-1800 I20191030-0010 I20191030-1800 I20191031-1325 I20191031-1800 I20191101-0300 I20191101-1800 I20191102-1800 I20191103-1800 I20191104-1800 I20191105-0025 I20191105-1800 I20191106-1805 I20191107-1800 I20191108-1800 I20191109-0330 I20191109-0650 I20191109-1800 I20191110-1800 I20191111-0145 I20191111-0435 I20191111-0655 I20191111-0920 I20191111-1800 I20191112-1800 I20191113-1800 I20191113-2315 I20191114-0410 I20191114-1800 I20191115-1800 I20191116-0600 I20191116-1800 I20191117-0600 I20191117-1800 I20191118-0600 I20191118-1800 I20191118-2230 I20191119-0020 I20191119-0315 I20191119-0510 I20191119-0725 I20191119-0850 I20191119-1155 I20191119-1215 I20191119-1235 I20191119-1250 I20191119-1800 I20191119-2200 I20191120-0600 I20191120-0840 I20191120-1800 I20191120-2335 I20191122-1800 I20191123-0100 I20191123-0600 I20191123-1115 I20191123-1800 I20191124-0600 I20191124-1800 I20191125-0600 I20191125-1800 I20191126-0600 I20191126-1800 I20191126-2315 I20191127-0600 I20191127-1800 I20191129-1800 I20191130-0600 I20191130-1800 I20191201-0600 I20191201-1800 I20191202-0600 I20191202-1800 I20191203-0600 I20191203-1800 I20191204-0600 I20191204-1800 I20191210-0610 R4_14 S4_14_0_RC1 S4_14_0_RC2 S4_14_0_RC2a Y20191107-0420 Y20191107-0440
  16. 536a43d Bug 550590 - Please build the localbuild.xml as part of an incremental build too by Ed Merks · 1 year, 10 months ago I20191001-1800 I20191002-0100 I20191002-1800 I20191003-1800 I20191006-0600 I20191006-1800 I20191007-0430 I20191007-0625 I20191007-1800 I20191008-0600 I20191008-1800 I20191009-0300 I20191009-0600 I20191009-1800 S4_14_0_M1
  17. 8f876e3 Bug 550596 - Please export the package by Ed Merks · 1 year, 10 months ago I20190930-1800
  18. 1ff2e95 Bug 551581 - Fix files that have ended up with CRLF in the git repository by Ed Merks · 1 year, 10 months ago I20190929-1800
  19. 7d1a3fc Bug 533801 - Stop including o.e.equinox.util in products by Alexander Kurtakov · 1 year, 10 months ago I20190928-1800
  20. 4cf0bae Bug 548742 - Export of plugin as Deployable plugin/Fragment fails with Java 13 by Vikas Chandra · 2 years, 1 month ago I20190919-0850 I20190919-1800 I20190920-1800 I20190921-1800 I20190922-1800 I20190923-0615 I20190923-1800 I20190924-1800 I20190926-0625 I20190926-1800 I20190927-0145 I20190927-0225 I20190927-0255 I20190927-1530 I20190927-1800 I20190928-0000 I20190928-0205 I20190928-0515