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  1. 6c4d1f7 Touch documentation bundles for javadoc regeneration by Eclipse Releng Bot · 2 days ago master I20210728-1800 I20210729-0050 I20210729-1800 Y20210729-0800
  2. f7ac53d Bug 574603 - [null][external] offer more IDE options for specifying by Stephan Herrmann · 5 days ago I20210725-1800 I20210726-1800 I20210727-1800 Y20210727-0800
  3. 2361899 Bug 574740 - Updating Accessibility preferences help page by Dieter Mai · 3 weeks ago I20210715-1800 I20210715-2200 I20210716-0020 I20210716-1800 I20210717-1800 I20210718-1800 I20210719-1800 I20210720-1800 I20210721-0530 I20210721-1800 I20210722-1800 I20210723-1800 I20210724-1800 Y20210719-0550 Y20210720-0800 Y20210722-0800
  4. cb1d38d Touch documentation bundles for javadoc regeneration by Eclipse Releng Bot · 3 weeks ago I20210707-1800 I20210709-0030 I20210710-0000 I20210710-1800 I20210711-1800 I20210712-0240 I20210712-0340 I20210712-1800 I20210713-1800 I20210714-1800 S4_21_0_M1 Y20210708-0800 Y20210713-0800 Y20210715-0820 Y20210715-1000 Y20210715-1150
  5. eca8a57 Bug 574684 - Add help stubs for 4.21 by Alexander Kurtakov · 3 weeks ago I20210706-1800 I20210707-0600 Y20210706-0800 Y20210706-1050
  6. 20ef8c7 Add support for implSpec in Javadoc generation by Mickael Istria · 6 weeks ago I20210618-1800 I20210618-1920 I20210619-1800 I20210620-1800 I20210621-1800 I20210622-1800 I20210624-1210 I20210624-1800 I20210625-1800 I20210626-1800 I20210627-1800 I20210628-1800 I20210629-0210 I20210629-1800 I20210630-1800 I20210701-1800 I20210702-1800 I20210703-0600 I20210703-1800 I20210704-0600 I20210704-1800 I20210705-0600 I20210705-1800 I20210706-0600 Y20210622-1150 Y20210623-0320 Y20210629-0800 Y20210630-0230 Y20210630-0410 Y20210701-0800
  7. e9e1cd0 Bug 572816 - Add bcpg to Javadoc generation classpath by Mickael Istria · 6 weeks ago I20210617-1800
  8. 7fee06d Bug 573965 - Version bumps for 4.21 stream by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 8 weeks ago I20210604-1020 I20210604-2250 I20210605-1800 I20210606-1800 I20210608-1300 I20210608-1800 I20210608-2130 I20210609-1800 I20210610-1850 I20210611-2000 I20210612-1800 I20210613-1800 I20210614-1800 I20210615-1800 I20210616-1800 Y20210608-2330 Y20210611-0900 Y20210614-0420 Y20210615-0900 Y20210615-0910
  9. 2108899 Bug 573960 - POM and product version change for 4.21 release by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 8 weeks ago I20210604-0350 I20210604-0640
  10. af1b4df Bug 573976 - Clean forceQualifierUpdate files for doc bundles by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 8 weeks ago
  11. 0389967 Touch documentation bundles for javadoc regeneration by Eclipse Releng Bot · 8 weeks ago I20210602-1800 I20210603-0040 I20210609-0220 I20210609-0400 I20210609-0520 I20210610-0400 I20210610-1220 I20210610-1250 S4_20_0_RC2
  12. f6ad745 Bug 572890: Add @launcher.dir to documentation by Torbjörn Svensson · 9 weeks ago I20210601-1800 I20210602-0600
  13. ea85aee Bug 571866 - Add possibility to register fragments and processors via DS by Dirk Fauth · 8 weeks ago
  14. 682a0ac Bug 573744 - N&N for 4.20 by Lakshmi Shanmugam · 9 weeks ago I20210531-1800 I20210601-0600
  15. 479ae17 Bug 573744 - N&N for 4.20 by Lakshmi Shanmugam · 9 weeks ago I20210530-1800 I20210531-0600
  16. 6e62ce6 Touch documentation bundles for javadoc regeneration by Eclipse Releng Bot · 9 weeks ago I20210526-1800 I20210526-2310 I20210528-1800 I20210529-0600 I20210529-1800 S4_20_0_RC1
  17. a483d85 Touch documentation bundles for javadoc regeneration by Eclipse Releng Bot · 2 months ago I20210519-1800 I20210521-0110 I20210521-0150 I20210521-1800 I20210522-0600 I20210522-1800 I20210523-0600 I20210523-1800 I20210524-0600 I20210524-1800 I20210525-0730 I20210525-1800 I20210526-0600 S4_20_0_M3
  18. 79c8b0f Bug 572013 - Remove 2.0 plug-in compatibility classes by Lars Vogel · 3 months ago I20210505-1800 I20210506-1800 I20210507-1800 I20210508-1800 I20210509-1800 I20210510-1800 I20210511-0200 I20210511-0330 I20210511-0740 I20210511-1800 I20210512-1800 I20210512-2250 I20210513-1800 I20210514-1800 I20210515-0600 I20210515-1800 I20210516-0600 I20210516-1800 I20210517-0600 I20210517-1800 I20210518-0200 I20210518-0600 I20210518-0850 I20210518-1800 I20210519-0600
  19. 8a66c3b Bug 572924: "Enable SWT reporting of non-disposed resources" pref docs by Jonah Graham · 3 months ago I20210428-1800 I20210429-0600 I20210429-1800 I20210430-1800 I20210501-1800 I20210502-0730 I20210502-1800 I20210503-1800 I20210504-1800 I20210505-0100 I20210505-0510
  20. 227da49 Bug 572510 - Create Working Set not a link by kitlo · 4 months ago I20210412-1800 I20210412-2130 I20210413-1400 I20210413-1800 I20210413-2350 I20210414-0330 I20210414-1800 I20210415-0010 I20210415-1800 I20210416-0810 I20210416-1800 I20210417-2330 I20210418-1800 I20210420-0240 I20210420-0500 I20210420-1800 I20210421-1800 I20210422-1800 I20210423-0140 I20210423-0350 I20210423-1800 I20210424-1800 I20210425-1800 I20210426-1800 I20210426-2110 I20210427-1800 I20210428-0040 I20210428-0330