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  1. 0bbc501 Bug 519944 - Memory Leak MessageConsole by Lars Neumeier · 4 weeks ago master I20170728-2000 I20170729-2000 I20170730-2000 I20170731-0800 I20170731-2000 I20170801-0800 I20170801-2000 I20170802-0800 I20170802-2000 I20170804-2000 I20170805-1500 I20170806-2000 I20170807-2000 I20170808-2000 I20170809-2000 I20170810-2000 I20170811-2000 I20170812-1500 I20170813-2000 I20170814-0300 I20170814-0635 I20170814-2000 I20170815-0035 I20170815-2000 I20170816-2000 I20170817-2000 I20170817-2140 I20170818-0040 I20170818-0100 I20170818-2000 I20170819-1500 I20170820-2000 I20170821-2000 S4_8_0_M1
  2. 7a31351 Bug 517470 - use "No" instead of "Cancel" to allow saving the choice by Andrey Loskutov · 4 weeks ago I20170726-2000 I20170727-0610 I20170727-2000
  3. 01b82db Bug 519433 - group model changed events processed on ui thread by Igor Fedorenko · 6 weeks ago I20170713-2000 I20170714-2000 I20170715-2000 I20170716-0130 I20170716-2000 I20170717-0350 I20170717-2000 I20170718-0355 I20170718-2000 I20170719-0040 I20170719-0600 I20170719-2000 I20170720-2000 I20170721-2000 I20170722-0045 I20170722-2000 I20170723-2000 I20170724-2000 I20170725-2000
  4. ba40c99 Bug 517470 - Switch to debug perspective should use verbs instead of "OK". by Sarika Sinha · 2 months ago I20170710-2000 I20170711-2000 I20170712-2000 I20170713-0615
  5. 0c78dd2 Revert "4.8 Bundle version increase for debug.tests" by Sarika Sinha · 6 weeks ago
  6. b5d5ed6 4.8 Bundle version increase for debug.tests by Sarika Sinha · 6 weeks ago
  7. b7d9fcd 4.8 Bundle version increase for ui.console by Sarika Sinha · 6 weeks ago
  8. 465c87e Bug 518909 - Regression: IOConsoleOutputStream.setEncoding(String) by Andreas Loth · 6 weeks ago
  9. 37849a2 Bug 511607: Fix race condition in LaunchGroupTests by Markus Duft · 7 weeks ago I20170704-2000 I20170705-2000 I20170706-0630 I20170706-2000 I20170707-0530 I20170707-2000 I20170708-2000 I20170709-2000
  10. 19f71fd Bug 439017 - Replace TestHelper with TestUtil by Andrey Loskutov · 3 months ago I20170703-2000
  11. 1cd6ade Bug 439017 - let all debug test extend AbstractDebugTest by Andrey Loskutov · 3 months ago
  12. 1fd32c4 Bug 517232 - Move debug tests to Java 8 by Andrey Loskutov · 3 months ago
  13. 9b67484 Bug 517929 - Update POMs in the master for 4.8 release by Alexander Kurtakov · 9 weeks ago I20170622-0950 I20170622-2000 I20170623-0110 I20170623-2000 I20170624-2000 I20170625-2000 I20170626-2000 I20170627-2000 I20170628-0310 I20170628-2000 I20170629-0210 I20170629-0425 I20170629-2000 I20170630-0410 I20170630-2000 I20170701-2000 I20170702-2000
  14. 175911c Bug 514724 - LaunchConfigurationsDialog Deletion dialog should use verb by David Weiser · 4 months ago I20170613-2000 I20170614-2000 I20170615-2000 I20170616-0530 I20170616-2000 I20170617-2000 I20170618-2000 I20170618-2355 I20170619-2000 I20170620-2000 I20170621-0600 I20170621-2000 Y20170615-1000 Y20170617-1235
  15. 8114205 Increased bundle version for Photon (4.8) by Dani Megert · 2 months ago I20170610-0940 Y20170608-1000
  16. 6fb962f Bundle version increase in debug.core and debug.ui for Bug 517740 by Sarika Sinha · 3 months ago
  17. 85be97a Bug 517740: [Launch Group] Externalisation of strings broke Group Launch UI by Noopur Gupta · 3 months ago
  18. 10af300 Bug 514112 - 'Profile As' menu appears in Java editor's context menu by Sarika Sinha · 5 months ago
  19. 415b903 Bug 409065 - [variables] Enable "Show Logical Structure" by default by Sarika Sinha · 1 year, 1 month ago I20170508-0800 I20170508-2000 I20170509-0800 I20170509-0945 I20170509-1100 I20170509-1300 I20170509-2000 I20170510-0800 I20170510-2000 I20170511-1200 I20170512-0500 I20170514-1120 I20170514-2000 I20170515-0800 I20170515-0910 I20170515-2000 I20170516-0800 I20170516-2000 I20170517-0800 I20170517-2000 I20170518-0500 I20170518-0830 I20170518-1030 I20170520-1500 I20170521-0800 I20170521-2000 I20170522-0800 I20170522-2000 I20170523-0800 I20170523-2000 I20170524-0800 I20170524-2000 I20170526-2000 I20170527-0800 I20170527-1500 I20170528-0800 I20170528-2000 I20170529-0800 I20170529-2000 I20170530-0800 I20170530-2000 I20170531-0800 I20170531-2000 I20170602-2000 I20170603-0100 I20170603-0800 I20170603-1500 I20170604-0800 I20170604-2000 S4_7_0_M7 S4_7_0_RC1 S4_7_0_RC2 S4_7_0_RC3 Y20170511-1000 Y20170511-1500 Y20170512-0230 Y20170518-1000 Y20170523-0000 Y20170525-1000 Y20170601-1000
  20. ecae7a5 Bug 516076: Fixed comparator errors caused by GVT47 : Non-externalized strings in Launch mode drop down list by Dani Megert · 4 months ago I20170505-2000 I20170506-2000 I20170507-2000