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  1. bf199e4 Move org.eclipse.debug.tests to JavaSE-11 by Hannes Wellmann · 3 days ago master I20200928-1800 Y20200928-1200 Y20200929-0550 Y20200929-1200
  2. ea61266 Version increment of org.eclipse.debug.tests to 3.12 by Hannes Wellmann · 3 days ago
  3. 1ec35b4 Move org.eclipse.debug.core to JavaSE-11 by Hannes Wellmann · 4 days ago I20200925-1800 I20200926-1800 I20200927-1800 Y20200928-0600 Y20200928-0700
  4. d2eee02 Version increment of org.eclipse.debug.core to 3.17 by Hannes Wellmann · 4 days ago
  5. 2fd33c3 Bug 566336 - [Test] testAppendOutputToFile fails by Paul Pazderski · 4 weeks ago I20200913-1800 I20200914-1800 I20200915-1800 I20200916-0410 I20200916-1800 I20200917-1800 I20200918-1800 I20200919-1800 I20200920-1800 I20200921-1800 I20200922-1800 I20200924-0340 I20200924-0430 I20200924-1800
  6. 5bdc65e Bug 566823 - Align getProcess() with ProcessPropertyPage enablement condition by Jonathan Williams · 3 weeks ago I20200911-1800 I20200912-0010 I20200912-1800
  7. 68ee20b Bug 566356 - POM and product version change for 4.18 release by Alexander Kurtakov · 4 weeks ago I20200904-0210 I20200904-0540 I20200908-0440 I20200908-1800 I20200909-1800 I20200910-0100 I20200910-1800
  8. 5c86508 Bug 566471 - I20200828-0150 - Comparator Errors Found by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 5 weeks ago R4_17_maintenance I20200828-1800 I20200829-0600 I20200829-1800 I20200830-0600 I20200830-1800 I20200831-0600 I20200831-1800 I20200901-0600 I20200901-1800 I20200902-0600 I20200902-1800 R4_17 S4_17_0_RC2 Y20200901-1200 Y20200903-2210 Y20200907-1200 Y20200908-1200 Y20200909-1200 Y20200910-1200 Y20200911-1200 Y20200912-1200 Y20200913-1200 Y20200914-1200 Y20200915-0150 Y20200915-2240
  9. c6adb63 Bug 566192 - Keybinding conflict with Clear Console command by Andrey Loskutov · 6 weeks ago I20200819-1800 I20200820-0230 I20200821-0440 I20200821-1800 I20200822-0600 I20200822-1800 I20200823-0600 I20200823-1800 I20200824-0600 I20200824-1900 I20200825-0600 I20200825-1800 I20200826-0600 I20200826-1800 I20200828-0150 S4_17_0_M3 S4_17_0_RC1 Y20200820-1200 Y20200821-1200 Y20200822-1200 Y20200823-1200 Y20200824-1310 Y20200825-1200
  10. 5e36d77 Bug 492879 - No qualification for feature.xml files in Save dialog by Vikas Chandra · 8 weeks ago I20200803-1800 I20200804-1800 I20200805-0630 I20200805-0750 I20200805-1800 I20200806-1800 I20200807-1800 I20200808-0230 I20200808-1800 I20200809-1800 I20200810-1800 I20200811-1800 I20200812-0710 I20200812-1800 I20200813-1800 I20200814-0330 I20200814-0640 I20200814-1040 I20200814-1800 I20200815-0600 I20200815-1800 I20200816-0600 I20200816-1800 I20200817-0450 I20200817-0600 I20200817-0920 I20200817-1800 I20200818-0340 I20200818-0600 I20200818-0900 I20200818-1800 I20200819-0600 Y20200804-1200 Y20200805-1200 Y20200806-1200 Y20200807-1200 Y20200808-1200 Y20200809-1200 Y20200810-1200 Y20200811-1200 Y20200812-1200 Y20200813-1200 Y20200814-0630 Y20200814-0650 Y20200814-1200 Y20200815-1200 Y20200816-1200 Y20200817-0450 Y20200817-1210 Y20200818-1200 Y20200819-1200
  11. db493ed Bug 565593 - Shorter switch to debug perspective text by Lars Vogel · 9 weeks ago I20200731-1800 I20200731-2040 I20200801-0010 I20200801-1800 I20200803-0210 Y20200801-1200
  12. 26bc951 Bug 565208: Remove calls to Color.dispose by Lars Vogel · 3 months ago I20200717-1800 I20200718-1800 I20200719-2010 I20200720-0020 I20200720-0850 I20200720-1800 I20200721-0130 I20200721-0610 I20200721-0950 I20200721-1400 I20200721-1800 I20200722-0610 I20200722-1140 I20200722-1800 I20200723-0620 I20200723-1030 I20200723-1800 I20200724-0600 I20200724-1800 I20200726-1800 I20200727-1800 I20200728-1120 I20200728-1800 I20200729-0120 I20200729-1800 I20200730-1800 I20200731-0520 Y20200718-1200 Y20200721-0450 Y20200721-0610 Y20200722-0040 Y20200722-1200 Y20200725-1200 Y20200727-0310 Y20200728-0600 Y20200729-0630 Y20200729-1200
  13. df9297c Bug 564849 - [Tests] Fix unstable JUnit tests by Paul Pazderski · 3 months ago I20200703-1800 I20200704-0600 I20200704-1800 I20200705-0600 I20200705-0710 I20200705-1800 I20200706-0600 I20200706-1800 I20200706-2300 I20200707-0600 I20200707-1800 I20200708-0600 I20200708-1800 I20200710-0230 I20200710-1800 I20200711-1800 I20200711-2250 I20200712-1800 I20200713-1800 I20200713-2230 I20200714-1800 I20200715-1800 I20200716-1800 S4_17_0_M1 Y20200704-1200 Y20200708-1200 Y20200711-1200 Y20200715-1200 Y20200716-0820
  14. df0a302 Bug 306131 - [console] Null byte to stdout results in truncation of line by Paul Pazderski · 4 months ago I20200630-1800 I20200701-0330 I20200701-1800 I20200701-2210 I20200701-2350 I20200702-1800 I20200702-2150 Y20200701-0020 Y20200701-1200 Y20200703-0300
  15. f624f1e Bug 563752 - [console] FileLink with offset need line number which is ignored by Paul Pazderski · 4 months ago
  16. 57d7976 Bug 81461 - [console] needs key to clear by Paul Pazderski · 4 months ago
  17. 4c21127 Bug 404990 - [breakpoints] Delete breakpoint, undo, redo, undo. Gone. by Paul Pazderski · 4 months ago
  18. 00d93c9 Bug 558463 - [console] Console redirection changes content by Paul Pazderski · 3 months ago I20200628-1800 I20200629-1800 Y20200629-0740 Y20200629-1000
  19. 154562a Bug 564429 - VirtualCopyToClipboardActionDelegate: Add TAB even for empty value by Sebastian Ratz · 3 months ago I20200622-1800 I20200623-1010 I20200623-1800 I20200624-1800 I20200625-1800 I20200626-1800 Y20200622-0340 Y20200624-1200
  20. adb58cb Bug 564330 - Lambda and method cleanup on o.e.debug.ui plug-in by Lars Vogel · 4 months ago I20200618-1800 I20200619-1800 I20200620-1800 I20200621-1800 Y20200620-1200