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  1. 2077451 Bug 561772 - Fix handling of double quotes on windows by BJ Hargrave · 1 year ago master I20210415-1800
  2. 5a322df [dogfooding] Use Java method instead of system property cleanup by Lars Vogel · 3 days ago I20210413-1400 I20210413-1800 I20210413-2350 I20210414-0330 I20210414-1800 I20210415-0010
  3. 645c89a Bug 572404 - synchronize access PerspectiveManager.fPerspectiveContexts by Simeon Andreev · 2 weeks ago I20210409-1800 I20210409-2140 I20210410-0630 I20210410-1800 I20210411-1800 I20210412-1800 I20210412-2130
  4. 89dd1a2 Bug 572584 - Potentially dangerous use of non-short-circuit logic by Carsten Hammer · 4 months ago I20210405-0630 I20210405-0840 I20210405-1800 I20210406-0600 I20210406-1800 I20210407-0040 I20210407-0600 I20210407-1800 S4_20_0_M1
  5. b512401 Bug 572497 - Upgrade to Tycho 2.3.0 by kitlo · 2 weeks ago I20210402-0510 I20210402-1800 I20210403-0600 I20210403-1800 I20210404-0600 I20210404-1800 I20210405-0600
  6. 34d1c22 Apply "Primitive parsing" JDT cleanup to platform.debug by Lars Vogel · 3 weeks ago I20210328-1800 I20210329-0200 I20210329-1800 I20210330-1800 I20210331-1800
  7. 55e0165 Use JDT clean up "Convert field into local variable if field is used by Lars Vogel · 3 weeks ago I20210324-1800 I20210325-1800 I20210326-1800 I20210327-1800
  8. 08b688f Use Integer.toString directly in DefaultLableProvider by Lars Vogel · 7 weeks ago I20210315-2050 I20210316-1800 I20210317-0330 I20210317-0650 I20210317-0910 I20210317-1320 I20210317-1850 I20210318-2100 I20210318-2320 I20210319-0030 I20210319-1800 I20210320-0650 I20210320-1800 I20210321-0340 I20210321-1800 I20210322-1800 I20210323-0200 I20210323-1240 I20210323-1800 I20210323-2250 I20210324-0320 I20210324-0950
  9. a53a2a2 Use parseBoolean directly in LaunchConfiguration by Lars Vogel · 7 weeks ago
  10. 07dfe6b 4.20 update of org.eclipse.debug.ui by Lars Vogel · 4 weeks ago
  11. 6521b9e 4.20 update of org.eclipse.debug.core by Lars Vogel · 4 weeks ago
  12. 04d75aa Update tycho pomless to 2.2.0. by Alexander Kurtakov · 4 weeks ago
  13. f17bf63 Use parseBoolean directly in DynamicVariable by Lars Vogel · 7 weeks ago
  14. 14b2e21 4.20 update of org.eclipse.core.variables by Lars Vogel · 5 weeks ago
  15. 0a55158 Bug 571689 - POM and product version change for 4.20 release by Alexander Kurtakov · 6 weeks ago I20210305-0820 I20210308-0720 I20210308-1030 I20210308-1800 I20210309-0500 I20210309-1800 I20210310-0250 I20210310-0620 I20210310-2050 I20210311-1800 I20210312-0840 I20210312-0940 I20210312-1150 I20210312-1410 I20210312-1540 I20210312-1800 I20210312-2010 I20210313-1800 I20210314-1800
  16. c239e10 Bug 570480 - Make termination of descendants configurable by Hannes Wellmann · 9 weeks ago R4_19_maintenance I20210222-1800 I20210223-0600 I20210223-0650 I20210223-1800 I20210224-0600 I20210224-0840 I20210224-1800 I20210226-0220 I20210226-1800 I20210226-2140 I20210227-0600 I20210227-1800 I20210228-0600 I20210228-1800 I20210301-0600 I20210301-1800 I20210302-0600 I20210302-0720 I20210302-0930 I20210302-1800 I20210303-0600 I20210303-1800 R4_19 S4_19_0_RC1 S4_19_0_RC2 Y20210222-1000 Y20210223-1050 Y20210224-1000 Y20210225-1000 Y20210226-1000 Y20210227-1000 Y20210228-1000 Y20210301-1000 Y20210303-1000 Y20210304-1000 Y20210305-1000 Y20210306-1000 Y20210307-1000 Y20210309-1000 Y20210310-1000 Y20210311-1000 Y20210312-1000 Y20210312-1250 Y20210312-2250 Y20210313-1000 Y20210314-1000 Y20210315-1000 Y20210316-0510 Y20210316-1310
  17. ee6cc06 Revert "Bug 568932 - [BigSur] Cannot hover over or inspect variables" by Sarika Sinha · 9 weeks ago I20210215-1800 I20210216-0600 I20210216-1030 I20210216-1140 I20210216-1340 I20210216-1800 I20210216-2020 I20210217-0600 I20210217-1800 I20210219-0300 I20210219-1800 I20210220-0600 I20210220-1800 I20210221-0600 I20210221-1800 I20210222-0600 S4_19_0_M3 Y20210215-1020 Y20210216-1000 Y20210217-1000 Y20210218-1000 Y20210219-1000 Y20210220-1000 Y20210221-1000
  18. dbbb93b Revert "Bug 568813 - Empty inspect window and hover" by Sarika Sinha · 9 weeks ago
  19. acf4c96 Bug 571164: Two IContainer instances can share same location by Torbjörn Svensson · 10 weeks ago I20210213-0600 I20210213-1800 I20210214-0600 I20210214-1800 I20210215-0600 I20210215-0700 Y20210213-1200 Y20210214-1000
  20. ab4870b CommonTab: add utility to get LaunchConfig attributes without Exception by Hannes Wellmann · 9 weeks ago I20210211-1810 I20210212-1840 Y20210212-1200