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  1. 1398e4e Removes unnecessary whitespace from org.eclipse.test.performance by Lars Vogel · 5 days ago master I20190819-2355 I20190820-0600 I20190820-0855 I20190820-1800 I20190821-0600 I20190821-1800 I20190823-0530 I20190823-0840 S4_13_0_M3 Y20190819-0900 Y20190822-0900
  2. b03f7af Bug 548523 - Add performance results export by Paul Pazderski · 3 weeks ago I20190812-1800 I20190813-1800 I20190814-1800 I20190816-0155 I20190816-1800 I20190817-1800 I20190818-1800 I20190819-0600 Y20190812-0900 Y20190815-0900
  3. 626e4b5 Restore mangled copyright headers in org.eclipse.test.performance by Paul Pazderski · 3 weeks ago I20190805-1800 I20190806-1800 I20190807-1800 I20190808-1800 I20190809-1800 I20190810-1800 I20190811-1800 Y20190805-0900 Y20190808-0900
  4. 980d99d Bug 548518: Quicksearch by Mickael Istria · 4 weeks ago I20190730-1800 I20190731-1800 I20190801-0600 I20190801-1800 I20190802-1800 I20190803-1800 I20190804-1800 Y20190801-0900
  5. b133095 Bug 535531 - run o.e.pde.junit.runtime.tests in nightly by Julian Honnen · 5 weeks ago I20190724-1800 I20190725-1800 I20190726-1800 I20190727-1800 I20190728-1800 I20190729-1800 Y20190725-0900 Y20190729-0900 Y20190730-0055 Y20190730-0135
  6. e051517 Bug 548799 - Replace usage of AbstractUIPlugin#imageDescriptorFromPlugin by Alexander Fedorov · 6 weeks ago I20190715-1800 I20190716-1800 I20190717-1800 I20190718-1800 I20190719-1800 I20190720-1800 I20190721-1800 I20190722-1800 I20190723-1800 Y20190715-2335 Y20190718-0450 Y20190718-0905 Y20190722-0900
  7. 1922aa8 Bug 548523 - Performance tests are pending by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 9 weeks ago I20190624-1800 I20190625-0535 I20190625-1800 I20190626-0720 I20190626-1800 I20190627-0135 I20190627-1800 I20190628-1800 I20190629-1800 I20190630-1800 I20190701-1805 I20190702-0610 I20190702-0930 I20190702-1800 I20190703-0640 I20190703-1800 I20190704-0245 I20190704-1800 I20190705-1800 I20190706-1800 I20190707-0110 I20190707-1800 I20190708-0800 I20190708-1035 I20190708-1800 I20190709-0610 I20190709-1800 I20190710-0610 I20190710-1800 I20190711-0825 I20190711-1120 I20190711-1805 I20190712-0625 I20190712-1800 I20190713-0230 I20190713-1105 I20190713-1800 I20190714-1800 S4_13_0_M1 Y20190627-0045 Y20190627-0200 Y20190627-0630 Y20190628-1440 Y20190701-0635 Y20190704-0900 Y20190705-0620 Y20190708-0900 Y20190711-0900 Y20190711-2335 Y20190715-0900
  8. 796e409 Revert "Bug 504526 - Use explicit features in Eclipse SDK product instead of the sdk feature" by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 10 weeks ago I20190618-0225 I20190618-1805 I20190619-1800 I20190619-1820 I20190620-0130 I20190620-1800 I20190621-1800 I20190623-1800
  9. cbbad98 Bug 547890 - Publish Eclipse 4.12 to maven central by Manoj Palat · 10 weeks ago I20190617-1800
  10. aaa35d0 Bug 547890 - Publish Eclipse 4.12 to maven centra by Manoj Palat · 10 weeks ago
  11. 82d4026 Bug 504526 - Use explicit features in Eclipse SDK product instead of the by Lars Vogel · 4 months ago I20190613-1800 I20190614-0330 I20190614-1800 I20190615-1800 I20190616-1800
  12. 3c594f3 Bug 544568 add org.eclipse.jface.tests to sdk.tests by Marcus Hoepfner · 6 months ago I20190612-1800 I20190613-0210
  13. 23fc8bd Bug 547928 - Version bumps for 4.13 stream by Alexander Kurtakov · 2 months ago
  14. 5b98d37 Bug 547928 - Version bumps for 4.13 stream by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 3 months ago I20190610-0135 I20190610-1800 I20190612-0115
  15. 94ad29c Bug 547928 - Version bumps for 4.13 stream by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 3 months ago
  16. ad1fe74 Bug 547901 - Prep work for 4.13 and open master for development by Sravan Kumar L · 3 months ago I20190607-1345 I20190608-0140
  17. f1c79be Bug 547920 - Update product version number to 4.13 across build scripts by Sarika Sinha · 3 months ago I20190607-0725 I20190607-1000
  18. a4e1563 Bug 547907 - POM and product version change for 4.13 release by Niraj Modi · 3 months ago
  19. a885d9b Bug 547668 - Readme file for 4.12 by Sarika Sinha · 3 months ago R4_12_maintenance I20190603-0600 I20190603-1800 I20190604-0600 I20190604-1800 I20190605-0600 I20190605-1800 R4_12 S4_12_0_RC2
  20. 43e038e Bug 547304 - [cleanup] Fix wrong space/tab indentation by Paul Pazderski · 3 months ago I20190518-1800 I20190519-1800 I20190520-0600 I20190520-1805 I20190521-0600 I20190521-1800 I20190522-0600 I20190522-1800 I20190524-0135 I20190524-1800 I20190525-0600 I20190525-1800 I20190526-0600 I20190526-1800 I20190527-0600 I20190527-1805 I20190528-0600 I20190528-0850 I20190528-0915 I20190528-1800 I20190529-0600 I20190529-1800 I20190529-2005 I20190531-0245 I20190531-1800 I20190601-1800 I20190602-0600 I20190602-1800 S4_12_0_M3 S4_12_0_RC1 S4_12_0_RC1a