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  1. 0cfd69f Project - Save actions changed for loop by Lars Vogel · 8 weeks ago master I20190320-1800 I20190321-0245 I20190321-0435 I20190321-1800 I20190322-1800 I20190323-1800 I20190324-1800 I20190325-0105 I20190325-1800 I20190326-1800 I20190326-2305 I20190327-1800 I20190328-1800 I20190329-0120 I20190329-1800 I20190330-1800 I20190331-1800 I20190401-1800 I20190402-1800 I20190403-1800 I20190404-1800 I20190405-1800 I20190406-1800 I20190407-1800 I20190408-0600 I20190408-1800 I20190409-0600 I20190409-1800 I20190410-0600 I20190410-1800 I20190411-0625 I20190412-0520 I20190412-1800 I20190413-1800 I20190414-0210 I20190414-1800 I20190415-0300 I20190415-1800 I20190416-1800 I20190417-1800 I20190418-1800 I20190419-1800 I20190420-1800 I20190421-1800 I20190422-1800 S4_12_0_M1
  2. d3575fb Bug 475944 - Delete IPluginDescriptor and related API for deletion by Lars Vogel · 8 weeks ago I20190318-1800
  3. 076f95b Bug 545330 - Problems in javadoc for platform UI by Alexander Kurtakov · 6 weeks ago
  4. 4566b2d Bug 545094 - POM and product version change for 4.12 release by Niraj Modi · 7 weeks ago I20190308-0740 I20190308-1055 I20190308-1525 I20190308-1830 I20190309-1830 I20190311-0410 I20190311-1800 I20190312-0340 I20190312-1800 I20190314-1800
  5. 7a9e70d Bug 543933 - Build javadocs with Java 11 by Alexander Kurtakov · 9 weeks ago R4_11_maintenance I20190218-1800 I20190219-0600 I20190219-1800 I20190220-0600 I20190220-1800 I20190222-0440 I20190222-0645 I20190222-1800 I20190223-0600 I20190223-1800 I20190224-0600 I20190224-0930 I20190224-1800 I20190225-0200 I20190225-0600 I20190225-1800 I20190226-0600 I20190226-0715 I20190226-1020 I20190226-1800 I20190227-0600 I20190227-1800 I20190228-0300 I20190301-0040 I20190301-1800 I20190302-0600 I20190302-1800 I20190303-0600 I20190303-1800 I20190304-0600 I20190304-1800 I20190305-0600 I20190305-1800 I20190306-0600 I20190306-1800 I20190306-2135 I20190307-0500 R4_11 S4_11_0_M3 S4_11_0_RC1 S4_11_0_RC2 Y20190220-2200 Y20190222-0110 Y20190225-0415 Y20190227-2200 Y20190306-2200 Y20190307-1015 Y20190308-0715 Y20190313-0215 Y20190313-2200 Y20190316-1220 Y20190319-2305 Y20190320-2200
  6. a071263 Bug 543933 - Build javadocs with Java 11 by Alexander Kurtakov · 9 weeks ago
  7. 4b803dc Bug 543933 - Build javadocs with Java 11 by Alexander Kurtakov · 10 weeks ago I20190215-1800 I20190216-0600 I20190216-1800 I20190217-0600 I20190217-1800 I20190218-0600
  8. 6ffdf50 Bug 479273 - Prefer usage of Boolean.parseBoolean instead of Boolean.ValueOf by Lars Vogel · 10 weeks ago I20190214-1800 I20190215-0055 I20190215-0630
  9. d908142 Bug 543933 - Build javadocs with Java 11 by Alexander Kurtakov · 10 weeks ago
  10. c873b8d Do not duplicate pom version. by Alexander Kurtakov · 10 weeks ago I20190213-1800 Y20190213-2200
  11. 4babc99 Bug 541353 - Adjusted delta verification to handle multiple deltas by Simeon Andreev · 3 months ago I20190206-1800 I20190207-1800 I20190208-1800 I20190209-1800 I20190210-1800 I20190210-2135 I20190211-1800 I20190212-1800 Y20190206-2200 Y20190208-0505 Y20190213-0305
  12. b8a5b1b Bug 543776 - provide the project as parameter instead of resolving it. by Reto Weiss · 3 months ago
  13. 926aa07 Bug 541353 - Improve logging in error cases by Simeon Andreev · 5 months ago I20190128-1800 I20190129-1800 I20190130-1800 I20190131-0130 I20190131-1800 I20190201-0600 I20190201-1800 I20190202-1800 I20190203-1800 I20190204-1800 I20190205-1800 Y20190130-0010 Y20190130-2200 Y20190201-0030 Y20190205-0115
  14. 682eeb2 Bug 543776 - reverted fix which caused regressions by Andrey Loskutov · 3 months ago I20190126-1800 I20190127-1800
  15. daf7fb7 Bug 543776 - provide the project as parameter instead of resolving it. by Reto Weiss · 3 months ago I20190125-1800
  16. 5547c6a Bug 541822 - POM and product version change for 4.11 release by Niraj Modi · 5 months ago I20181210-0535 I20181210-0755 I20181210-1800 I20181211-0230 I20181211-1800 I20181212-0230 I20181212-1800 I20181213-1800 I20181214-0105 I20181214-0720 I20181214-1800 I20181215-0340 I20181215-1800 I20181216-1800 I20181217-1800 I20181218-0120 I20181218-1800 I20181219-1800 I20181220-1800 I20181221-1800 I20181222-1800 I20181223-1800 I20181224-1800 I20181225-1800 I20181226-1800 I20181227-1800 I20181228-1800 I20181229-1800 I20181230-1800 I20181231-1800 I20190101-1800 I20190102-1800 I20190103-1800 I20190104-1800 I20190105-0810 I20190105-1800 I20190106-0150 I20190106-0600 I20190106-1800 I20190107-0600 I20190107-1800 I20190107-2050 I20190108-0600 I20190108-1800 I20190109-0655 I20190109-1800 I20190111-0850 I20190111-1800 I20190112-1800 I20190113-1800 I20190114-1800 I20190115-1800 I20190116-1800 I20190117-2335 I20190118-1800 I20190119-1800 I20190120-1800 I20190121-1415 I20190121-1800 I20190122-1800 I20190123-1800 I20190124-0930 I20190124-1235 I20190124-1800 S4_11_0_M1 Y20181212-2200 Y20181219-2200 Y20181226-2200 Y20190102-2200 Y20190107-0505 Y20190107-0850 Y20190108-0135 Y20190108-0410 Y20190109-2200 Y20190116-2200 Y20190123-2200
  17. dd2e90d Bug 541459 - Next attempt to fix Bug_006708.testBug failure on Windows by Andrey Loskutov · 5 months ago R4_10_maintenance I20181130-1800 I20181201-0600 I20181201-1800 I20181202-0600 I20181202-1800 I20181203-0600 I20181203-1800 I20181204-0600 I20181204-1800 I20181205-0600 I20181205-1800 I20181206-0030 I20181206-0225 I20181206-0320 I20181206-0815 R4_10 S4_10_0_RC2 Y20181204-0315 Y20181205-2200
  18. ebc7222 Bug 541459 - fix Bug_006708.testBug fails on Windows by Andrey Loskutov · 5 months ago I20181127-1800 I20181128-0130 I20181128-0600 I20181128-0810 I20181128-1105 I20181128-1800 I20181129-0330 S4_10_0_RC1 Y20181128-2200
  19. 82e79b8 Bug 541493 - NPE after assertNotNull in FileSystemResourceManagerTest by Simeon Andreev · 5 months ago I20181123-1800 I20181124-0600 I20181124-1800 I20181125-0600 I20181125-1800 I20181126-0140 I20181126-0600 I20181126-0940 I20181126-1800 I20181127-0600
  20. 1867386 Bug 541459 - [win32] Bug_006708.testBug fails with "A resource exists on by Andrey Loskutov · 5 months ago