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  1. 78d24d8 Bug 233667 - IllegalStateException in ProjectContentTypes by Michael Keppler · 3 days ago master I20191211-1805
  2. 00343d3 Use jdk 5 for-each loop by Carsten Hammer · 4 weeks ago I20191210-1800 I20191211-0135
  3. c14bacf Version updates for 4.15 stream by Karsten Thoms · 26 hours ago
  4. 0db7293 Bug 553742 - POM and product version change for 4.15 release by Niraj Modi · 5 days ago I20191209-1110 I20191209-1130 I20191209-1310 I20191209-1600 I20191209-2205 I20191210-0230 Y20191208-2315
  5. 78bd6f1 Bug 548250 - Javadoc problems in platform.resources by Paul Pazderski · 3 weeks ago R4_14_maintenance I20191123-0100 I20191123-0600 I20191123-1115 I20191123-1800 I20191124-0600 I20191124-1800 I20191125-0600 I20191125-1800 I20191126-0600 I20191126-1800 I20191126-2315 I20191127-0600 I20191127-1800 I20191129-1800 I20191130-0600 I20191130-1800 I20191201-0600 I20191201-1800 I20191202-0600 I20191202-1800 I20191203-0600 I20191203-1800 I20191204-0600 I20191204-1800 I20191210-0610 S4_14_0_RC1 S4_14_0_RC2 S4_14_0_RC2a Y20191126-0500 Y20191127-0140
  6. 8cdaaaf Bug 553269 - Eclipse detects changed ENCODING on opening a project with by Andrey Loskutov · 3 weeks ago I20191122-1800
  7. 429cd04 Bug 552726 - Use pomless builds in eclipse.platform.resources by Christoph Läubrich · 5 weeks ago I20191108-1800 I20191109-0330 I20191109-0650 I20191109-1800 I20191110-1800 I20191111-0145 I20191111-0435 I20191111-0655 I20191111-0920 I20191111-1800 I20191112-1800 I20191113-1800 I20191113-2315 I20191114-0410 I20191114-1800 I20191115-1800 I20191116-0600 I20191116-1800 I20191117-0600 I20191117-1800 I20191118-0600 I20191118-1800 I20191118-2230 I20191119-0020 I20191119-0315 I20191119-0510 I20191119-0725 I20191119-0850 I20191119-1155 I20191119-1215 I20191119-1235 I20191119-1250 I20191119-1800 I20191119-2200 I20191120-0600 I20191120-0840 I20191120-1800 I20191120-2335 Y20191112-0030
  8. 73d8be8 Bug 552746 - Building... looks weird combined with the :progress by Lars Vogel · 5 weeks ago I20191106-1805 I20191107-1800 Y20191107-0420 Y20191107-0440
  9. a85087f Bug 552185 - Bad performance of FileSystemResourceManager.write(IFile) by Andrey Loskutov · 8 weeks ago I20191023-1810 I20191024-1800 I20191025-1805 I20191026-1800 I20191027-1800 I20191028-1800 I20191029-1800 I20191030-0010 I20191030-1800 I20191031-1325 I20191031-1800 I20191101-0300 I20191101-1800 I20191102-1800 I20191103-1800 I20191104-1800 I20191105-0025 I20191105-1800
  10. 624e232 Bug 551697 - Replace "Building workspace" with something meaningful by Lars Vogel · 2 months ago I20191016-1800 I20191018-0720 I20191018-1800 I20191019-1800 I20191020-1800 I20191022-0405 I20191022-1800
  11. 793e369 Bug 536114 - [Parallel build] Pass scheduling rule to build jobs by Mickael Istria · 1 year, 6 months ago
  12. 259e42b Bug 551394 - Enable tycho strict bin includes by Alexander Kurtakov · 3 months ago I20190926-0625 I20190926-1800 I20190927-0145 I20190927-0225 I20190927-0255 I20190927-1530 I20190927-1800 I20190928-0000 I20190928-0205 I20190928-0515 I20190928-1800 I20190929-1800 I20190930-1800 I20191001-1800 I20191002-0100 I20191002-1800 I20191003-1800 I20191006-0600 I20191006-1800 I20191007-0430 I20191007-0625 I20191007-1800 I20191008-0600 I20191008-1800 I20191009-0300 I20191009-0600 I20191009-1800 I20191011-1800 I20191012-1800 I20191013-1800 I20191014-1800 I20191015-1800 S4_14_0_M1
  13. 207b4c7 Bug 551362 - Use FussyProgressMonitor to check usage of monitor by Karsten Thoms · 3 months ago
  14. 9837a19 Bug 551362 - [regression] call monitor.done() in finally blocks by Karsten Thoms · 3 months ago
  15. 731cc1b Bug 551438 - Fix files that have ended up with CRLF in the git repository by Ed Merks · 3 months ago
  16. a49c123 Bug 544975 - test for refresh on by Simeon Andreev · 3 months ago I20190924-1800
  17. c8a9428 Bug 551147 - Unable to use I20190916-1800 build due cycle errors by Andrey Loskutov · 3 months ago I20190922-1800 I20190923-0615 I20190923-1800
  18. fb448ee Bug 544975 - Open closed project with BACKGROUND_REFRESH causes refresh by Simeon Andreev · 4 months ago I20190920-1800 I20190921-1800
  19. 5f82cf6 Bug 551237 - Add tracing option for build cycles by Lars Vogel · 3 months ago I20190919-0850 I20190919-1800
  20. d0ce583 Bug 540953 -Use SubMonitor in Folder#create by Lars Vogel · 3 months ago