Eclipse Platform Runtime

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  1. 4448286 Bug 529662 - [sonar] Resolve "Possible null pointer dereference" by René Purrio · 8 days ago master I20180115-2000 I20180116-2000 I20180117-2000 I20180118-2000 I20180119-0110 I20180119-2000 I20180120-0800 I20180120-1500 I20180121-0800 I20180121-2000 I20180122-0800 I20180122-2000
  2. cd4ec8a Bug 223492 - Set worker thread's name to the job's name. by Stefan Winkler · 6 weeks ago I20171222-2000 I20171223-1500 I20171224-2000 I20171225-2000 I20171226-2000 I20171227-2000 I20171228-2000 I20171229-2000 I20171230-1500 I20171231-2000 I20180101-2000 I20180102-2000 I20180102-2215 I20180103-0140 I20180103-2000 I20180104-0030 I20180104-2000 I20180105-2000 I20180106-1500 I20180107-2000 I20180108-2000 I20180109-2000 I20180110-0100 I20180110-2000 I20180111-0530 I20180111-2000 I20180112-2000 I20180113-1500 I20180114-2000
  3. 19e0960 Fixed wrong bundle version by Dani Megert · 6 weeks ago I20171214-2000 I20171215-0120 I20171215-0215 I20171215-0930 I20171215-2000 I20171216-1500 I20171217-2000 I20171218-2000 I20171219-2000 I20171220-2000 I20171221-2000
  4. e5f060f Bug 493697 - Provide additional 'inject' overload that accepts a static context by drgler · 2 months ago I20171213-2000 I20171214-0120
  5. 03edc24 Bug 492971 - Remove new String() from org.eclipse.e4.core.tests and by Björn Arnelid · 7 weeks ago I20171212-2000
  6. 61c1dfc Bug 528186 - Replace usage of Platform#getJobManager by Job#getJobManager by Karsten Thoms · 6 weeks ago
  7. d891f55 Bug 478634 - Remove threadJob from waiting queue after rule transfer by Rastislav Wagner · 1 year, 2 months ago I20171208-2000 I20171209-1020 I20171209-1500 I20171210-2000 I20171211-2000
  8. 6e4c37b Bug 528227 - Cleanup ThreadJob code and add some missing documentation by Andrey Loskutov · 7 weeks ago
  9. a76bef3 Bug 528011: Cleanup of Sonar Issues in PeferencesTest by Markus Lang · 8 weeks ago I20171201-2000 I20171202-0800 I20171202-1500 I20171203-0800 I20171203-2000 I20171204-0530 I20171204-0830 I20171204-0850 I20171204-2000 I20171205-0030 I20171205-0250 I20171205-0800 I20171205-2000 I20171206-0800 I20171206-2000 S4_8_0_M4
  10. fcb5aa0 Bug 527855 - Add Automatic-Module-Name to MANIFEST.MF for by Lars Vogel · 8 weeks ago I20171130-2000 I20171130-2100 I20171201-0345 I20171201-0600
  11. 94d3a70 Bug 527908 - Minor cleanup in core.tests by Lars Vogel · 8 weeks ago I20171129-2000
  12. a9a2ecf Bug 527908 - Minor cleanup in core.tests by Daniel Christian Mieg · 8 weeks ago
  13. 15acd4f Revert "Bug 476404 - Delete Platform API as announced for Eclipse 4.2." by Dani Megert · 9 weeks ago I20171123-2000 I20171124-2000 I20171125-1500 I20171126-2000 I20171127-2000 I20171128-0100 I20171128-2000
  14. 835d3af Bug 476404 - Delete Platform API as announced for Eclipse 4.2. by Lars Vogel · 9 weeks ago
  15. b5c6e11 Bug 527599 - Minor rework of the ContextInjectionDisposeTest by Lars Vogel · 9 weeks ago I20171122-2000
  16. 2ca72b6 Bug 527308 - Strike obsolete part of the documentation of uninject by drgler · 9 weeks ago
  17. 77b3af0 Bug 527379 - Remove references to org.eclipse.update.configurator by Alexander Kurtakov · 9 weeks ago
  18. 07f1521 Bug 527379 - Remove references to org.eclipse.update.configurator by Karsten Thoms · 10 weeks ago I20171121-2000
  19. 7dbcd7b Bug 527018 - [refactoring] Replace use of Number constructors by valueOf by Karsten Thoms · 3 months ago I20171109-2000 I20171110-2000 I20171111-0155 I20171111-0410 I20171111-1500 I20171112-2000 I20171113-2000 I20171114-2000 I20171115-0025 I20171115-0115 I20171115-2000 I20171116-2000 I20171117-2000 I20171118-1500 I20171119-2000 I20171120-2000 I20171120-2225 I20171121-0020
  20. d09d06e Bug 515405 - update equinox.registry minimum required version to 3.8.0 by Andrey Loskutov · 4 months ago I20170920-2000 I20170921-2000 I20170922-2000 I20170923-1500 I20170924-2000 I20170925-2000 I20170926-2000 I20170927-0420 I20170927-2000 I20170928-2000 I20170929-2000 I20170930-1500 I20171001-2000 I20171002-2000 I20171003-2000 I20171004-0315 I20171004-2000 I20171005-2000 I20171006-2000 I20171007-1500 I20171008-2000 I20171009-2000 I20171010-2000 I20171011-0305 I20171011-2000 I20171012-2000 I20171013-2000 I20171014-1500 I20171015-0655 I20171015-2000 I20171016-2000 I20171017-0515 I20171017-2000 I20171018-2000 I20171019-2000 I20171020-2000 I20171021-1500 I20171022-0800 I20171022-2000 I20171023-0800 I20171023-2000 I20171024-0800 I20171024-2000 I20171025-0800 I20171025-2000 I20171027-2000 I20171027-2340 I20171028-1500 I20171029-2000 I20171030-0400 I20171030-2000 I20171031-2000 I20171101-2000 I20171102-2000 I20171103-0405 I20171103-0715 I20171103-1105 I20171103-2000 I20171104-1500 I20171104-2025 I20171105-2000 I20171106-0630 I20171106-2000 I20171107-2000 I20171108-2000 S4_8_0_M3 S4_8_0_M3a