Bug 491712: [HiDPI] Test failures in coordinate mapping methods
with scaleFactor != 100%

-Fixed problems with 150% scaling
-Fixed the todos mentioned in the bug
-Fixed the problems in 125% as well
-Disabled test_copyArea*() in GC since it's unclear how this will look like (e.g. after bug 97506)

Change-Id: Ibe492586af4fce06271bea85e054082e6c3ac7ce
Signed-off-by: Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti <sravankumarl@in.ibm.com>
9 files changed
tree: 1b9e341994baba4209ed347daaa319208ee76659
  1. bundles/
  2. examples/
  3. features/
  4. local-build/
  5. tests/
  6. .gitignore
  7. pom.xml
  8. README.md

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