Bug 561932 - [Dark][Mac] Toolbar items look (almost) the same when

This repeats commit 0b919689b3456d3dba9514a08d8e97a55f61cca2 which was
temporarily reverted by commit 1ba521bdb50158078b35a1f415c06c8fcd0419e5
because of milestone week.

Change-Id: Icf16257c754ed2233b4c5b6302c9fb3a44924219
1 file changed
tree: 5e70ad11454c6c98668b6ec6fad4e019e5d391b2
  1. bundles/
  2. container/
  3. examples/
  4. features/
  5. local-build/
  6. tests/
  7. .gitignore
  10. NOTICE
  11. pom.xml
  12. README.md

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