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 Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>


+SWT Build 2.1 015 - Tuesday November 5, 2002



+<a NAME="Problem reports fixed"></a>Problem reports fixed</h2>


+4607: Missing API for Font(Display display, FontData fd[]) (1G93TPM)

+<br>14956: StyledText - printing should support pagination, headers, and footers

+<br>21695: Crash when starting eclipse on Solaris8 with java 1.4  

+<br>22052: Launch configuration dialog loses workspace data dir  

+<br>23049: Cannot write Swedish characters (åäöÅÄÖ) in editor  

+<br>24273: GP -Tree removeAll reboot windowsXp  

+<br>24359: MenuItems with style SWT.RADIO should handle mutual exclusion on selection

+<br>24757: GTK: X pointer grab when resizing a table column  

+<br>25212: GPF synchronizing files with new Tree implementation  

+<br>25253: Preference dialog doesn't display last preference page  

+<br>25399: Drag and drop crashes Eclipse  

+<br>25545: StyledText - printing ignores end page  




+Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>


 SWT Build 2.1 014 - Tuesday October 29, 2002