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 Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
+<h2> SWT Build 3.4 04 - Tuesday July 24, 2007</h2>
+<h3><a NAME="Problem reports fixed"></a>Problem reports fixed</h3>
+49724    	Tree computeSize different between platforms
+<br>167562 	SIGSEGV in Tree#destroyItem()
+<br>179464 	Combo doesn't allow to change background color more than once
+<br>179773 	TreeViewer setSelection does not scroll horizontally to show selection
+<br>191260 	NPE in Display.readImageRef
+<br>192700 	CCombo does not loose focus when hidden
+<br>193181 	Gdip.Graphics_FillRectangle needs to flip the rect if width < 0 or height < 0
+<br>193213 	ArrayIndexOutOfBounds when initializing GC
+<br>193561 	public Image (Device device, String filename) fails on WinCe
+<br>194702 	[browser]Click URL linked to a new window, pop up two browser window
+<br>195650 	Multiselection with Shifht ARROW_UP/DOWN not working on MAC
+<br>197336 	Negative values not displaying with Read-Only style combo.
 <h2> SWT Build 3.4 03 - Tuesday July 17, 2007</h2>
 <h3><a NAME="Problem reports fixed"></a>Problem reports fixed</h3>