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 Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
+<h2> SWT Build 3.4 15 - Monday October 30, 2007</h2>
+19602    	[Printing] Line numbers aren't printed
+<br>57151 	[64] 64 bit support needed for Windows XP 64-Bit Edition
+<br>117580 	Modal behavior on GTK when I ask for modeless
+<br>205795 	UNDERLINE_ERROR text style does not work for IME strings
+<br>206602 	GTK-BIDI: RTL support in ColorDialog
+<br>206609 	GTK-BIDI: RTL support in FontDialog
+<br>206661 	GTK-BIDI: RTL support in DirectoryDialog.
+<br>206722 	GTK-BIDI: RTL support in FileDialog.
+<br>206743 	Tree with columns has drawing errors when resizing to a minimum
+<br>206749 	GTK-BIDI: RTL support in MessageBox
+<br>206786 	GTK-BIDI: RTL support in ScrollBar.
+<br>207165 	org.eclipse.swt.win32.win32.x86 version not incremented for
+<br>207263 	NPE in org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Control.WM_MENUSELECT
+<br>207266 	Target editor's content tab buttons disappear completely
+<br>207347 	Snippet279 draws bad (draw icon with GDI+ gc)
+<br>207472 	"Dancing Scrollbar" in Tree
+<br>207605 	GTK-BIDI: RTL support in PrintDialog
 <h2> SWT Build 3.4 14 - Tuesday October 23, 2007</h2>
 205818 Adherent TextStyles must be continuous