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 Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
+<h2> SWT Build 3.4 39 - Tuesday April 15, 2008</h2>
+4800    	Timings vs. Sun JDK on image loading/creation/drawing (1GIVMG8)
+<br>5927 	Cannot start eclipse from anywhere but install directory
+<br>24640 	Vertical scrollbar obscures the combo box pulldown
+<br>29764 	BIDI:Dialogs are not mirrored RTL.
+<br>35915 	Need a locale String from FontData
+<br>36729 	File deleted by unexpected drag and drop
+<br>42485 	Mouse cursor does not hide when typing on Mac OS X
+<br>56184 	[browser] IE sometimes freezes on PDF documents with Acrobat Reader 6.0 plugin
+<br>69986 	TabItem contents have wrong background on Mac/Carbon
+<br>76381 	[Browser] Help contents does not start with keyboard focus
+<br>95982 	Double-touch trackpad scrolling doesn't work in the compare editor
+<br>101948 	FileDialog.setFilterExtensions ineffective on Mac OSX
+<br>116748 	Custom Combo: drop down menu is hard to use
+<br>119156 	org.eclipse.swt.SWTError: No more handles [gtk_init_check() failed]
+<br>125866 	need more parent.indexOf() == -1 checks in TableItem
+<br>126544 	Eclipse can't use the font BitStream Vera Sans Mono in plain style (only italics)
+<br>128436 	Tree with gray state does not report state to Accessible listeners
+<br>130470 	[Tree] Selection-Rect changes on expanding TreeItem causes pixel corruption
+<br>139866 	Text.setTextLimit() not limiting pasted text
+<br>143358 	Tree items array don't shrink correctly
+<br>153365 	DirectoryDialog's setFilterPath() has no effect
+<br>158243 	Background for read only Text objects is wrong in dialogs.
+<br>177368 	Display.getCursorControl returning null for complex Xlib widget on Eclipse/Gtk
+<br>187036 	[Workbench] TVT33:TCT[Workbench] 159: ar: 13.001120 Tool tips text does not have RTL reading order
+<br>192542 	Eclipse 3.3RC3 Loosing keyboard input while using Synergy
+<br>196676 	[consistency] Link does not fire double-click events
+<br>197238 	UML causing stack overflow
+<br>202534 	SWT error in Wizard dialog when help is displayed and "Finish" is pressed
+<br>204915 	SWT.COLOR_WIDGET_BACKGROUND is not the default label background color on Mac OS X with UNO
+<br>207206 	jvm crash using mozilla browser on linux
+<br>211181 	Help Browser crashes on Windows 2000
+<br>215879 	SWT crashes on start
+<br>223298 	Coredump running Demo-App from EclipseCon
+<br>224550 	GB180303.4: Some 4-bytes GB18030 characters can't be displayed in Package Explore view.
+<br>224917 	Program.findProgram should return null on Vista if there are no known applications
+<br>224941 	Esc deactivates parent shell if SWT.TOOL is used
+<br>225527 	rendering problems after removing owner listeners
+<br>225933 	First Table Column Justification Ignored
+<br>225946 	TOGGLE Buttons inherit background with SWT.INHERIT_DEFAULT
+<br>225973 	Cant attach Menu to a Link widget
+<br>226356 	[patch] Build against xulrunner
+<br>226469 	Successfully to setFocus to a control while getFocusControl return null
+<br>226747 	CCombo arrow button not centered
 <h2> SWT Build 3.4 38 - Tuesday April 08, 2008</h2>
 170459    	SWT_AWT: Focus problem in Java 6