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  1. 494ada4 [Bug 550832] Remove gif which we left during the move to png files by Lars Vogel · 4 weeks ago master I20200612-0650 I20200612-1800 I20200613-1800 I20200614-1800 I20200615-1800 I20200616-0140 I20200616-0320 I20200616-0620 I20200616-1800 I20200617-1800 I20200618-1800 I20200619-1800 I20200620-1800 I20200621-1800 I20200622-1800 I20200623-1010 I20200623-1800 I20200624-1800 I20200625-1800 I20200626-1800 I20200628-1800 I20200629-1800 I20200630-1800 I20200701-0330 I20200701-1800 I20200701-2210 I20200701-2350 I20200702-1800 I20200702-2150 I20200703-1800 I20200704-0600 I20200704-1800 I20200705-0600 I20200705-0710 I20200705-1800 I20200706-0600 I20200706-1800 I20200706-2300 I20200707-0600 I20200707-1800 I20200708-0600 I20200708-1800 I20200710-0230 I20200710-1800 I20200711-1800 I20200711-2250 S4_17_0_M1 Y20200617-0320 Y20200617-0510 Y20200617-1040 Y20200617-1200 Y20200617-2350 Y20200620-1200 Y20200622-0340 Y20200624-1200 Y20200629-0740 Y20200629-1000 Y20200701-0020 Y20200701-1200 Y20200703-0300 Y20200704-1200 Y20200708-1200 Y20200711-1200
  2. 0a66c98 Add missing override by Carsten Hammer · 8 weeks ago I20200611-1800 I20200612-0400
  3. 6cdb003 4.17 version updates by Karsten Thoms · 4 weeks ago
  4. a712af2 Remove unnecessary array creation for varargs by Carsten Hammer · 8 weeks ago
  5. bc65ba1 Version updates for 4.17 by Karsten Thoms · 5 weeks ago
  6. 2b58a3b Bug 564063 - Using ArrayContentProvider.getInstance() instead of new instance by Lars Vogel · 5 weeks ago I20200610-1800
  7. 3541941 Bug 564063 - Using ArrayContentProvider.getInstance() instead of new instance by Lars Vogel · 5 weeks ago
  8. 6e39faa 4.17 update of by Lars Vogel · 5 weeks ago
  9. 83672f9 Bug 564117 - Using lazy logical operator by Lars Vogel · 5 weeks ago
  10. bb0be20 4.17 update of org.eclipse.jsch.ui by Lars Vogel · 5 weeks ago
  11. 9f91a2f Bug 563845 - Version bumps for 4.17 stream by Alexander Kurtakov · 5 weeks ago I20200607-1800 I20200608-1800 I20200609-0150 I20200609-1800
  12. c77c866 Bug 564006 - Comparator Errors in I20200605-1230 by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 5 weeks ago I20200606-0400 I20200606-0700 I20200606-0910 I20200606-0940 I20200606-1800
  13. 6d6d26f Bug 563840 - POM and product version change for 4.17 release by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 5 weeks ago I20200605-0720 I20200605-0910 I20200605-0950 I20200605-1150 I20200605-1200 I20200605-1230 I20200605-1500 I20200605-2140 I20200606-0050
  14. 54dfd3f Bug 441387 - [Themes] Dark theme: when comparing structure background on by Lars Vogel · 9 weeks ago R4_16_maintenance I20200511-1800 I20200512-1800 I20200513-1800 I20200514-1800 I20200515-1930 I20200516-0600 I20200518-1800 I20200518-2220 I20200519-1010 I20200519-1130 I20200519-1800 I20200520-0600 I20200520-1800 I20200521-1000 I20200522-1800 I20200523-0600 I20200523-1800 I20200524-0220 I20200524-0600 I20200524-0850 I20200524-1800 I20200525-0640 I20200525-1800 I20200526-0600 I20200526-1800 I20200527-0600 I20200527-1800 I20200528-0000 I20200528-0200 I20200529-0550 I20200530-0600 I20200531-0600 I20200531-1800 I20200601-0140 I20200601-0640 I20200601-1800 I20200602-0010 I20200602-0510 I20200602-0600 I20200602-1800 I20200603-0600 I20200604-0540 R4_16 S4_16_0_M3 S4_16_0_RC1 S4_16_0_RC2 Y20200528-0030 Y20200609-0150 Y20200609-2100
  15. bf95a32 Bug 508611 - Remove copies of StringMatcher by Thomas Wolf · 3 months ago I20200428-1800 I20200428-2300 I20200429-0600 I20200429-1800 I20200501-0520 I20200501-1800 I20200502-1800 I20200503-1800 I20200504-1800 I20200505-1800 I20200506-1800 I20200509-0450 I20200509-0600 I20200509-1800 I20200510-1800 I20200511-0700 Y20200428-2310 Y20200429-0730 Y20200430-0210
  16. 546a68a Remove .cvsignore files. by Alexander Kurtakov · 3 months ago I20200422-1800 I20200423-1800 I20200424-0540 I20200424-1800 I20200425-1800 I20200426-1800 I20200427-1800 I20200428-0230 I20200428-0610 I20200428-0630 Y20200427-2330 Y20200428-0140 Y20200428-0250
  17. 3c7c55c Bug 562370 - Remove tycho-extras.version maven property by Alexander Kurtakov · 3 months ago I20200421-1800
  18. c34b0f2 Bug 562048 - Remove dependency on icu from by Lars Vogel · 3 months ago I20200414-0630 I20200414-1010 I20200415-0200 I20200415-0620 I20200415-1800 I20200416-0410 I20200416-1800 I20200417-1800 I20200418-1800 I20200419-1800 I20200420-1800
  19. ee3c6bf Bug 562048 - Remove dependency on icu from by Alexander Kurtakov · 3 months ago I20200412-1800 I20200413-1800
  20. 03bea06 Version update for 4.16. by Alexander Kurtakov · 3 months ago