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  1. c876ccb Bug 540083 - [GTK3] Compare editor arrows broken on scroll by Xi Yan · 27 hours ago master I20181019-1800
  2. 279961a Bump versions for 4.10. by Alexander Kurtakov · 3 weeks ago I20180926-0830 I20180926-1800 I20180927-0040 I20180927-0135 I20180927-1800 I20180928-1800 I20180929-1800 I20180930-1800 I20181001-0235 I20181001-0920 I20181001-1800 I20181002-0205 I20181002-1800 I20181003-1800 I20181003-2215 I20181004-1800 I20181005-1800 I20181006-0600 I20181006-1800 I20181007-0600 I20181007-1800 I20181008-0600 I20181008-1800 I20181009-0600 I20181009-1800 I20181010-0600 I20181010-1800 I20181012-1800 I20181013-1800 I20181014-1800 I20181014-2350 I20181015-0255 I20181015-1800 I20181016-1800 I20181017-1800 I20181018-1800 I20181019-0330 I20181019-0450 S4_10_0_M1
  3. 8e85123 Bug 536766 - Drop 32 bit support in 4.10 by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 6 weeks ago I20180914-0620 I20180918-1800 I20180918-2005 I20180919-1800 I20180920-0430 I20180920-0630 I20180920-1800 I20180921-1800 I20180922-0005 I20180922-0245 I20180922-1800 I20180923-1800 I20180924-1800 I20180925-1800 Y20180919-2200
  4. 779ceaf Bug 538531 - POM version change for 4.10 release by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 7 weeks ago I20180905-0410 I20180905-1305 I20180906-0005 I20180906-1400 I20180907-0400 I20180907-0650 I20180907-0715 I20180907-0855 I20180910-0310 I20180911-1400 I20180912-0210 I20180912-0225 I20180912-2240 I20180913-0415 I20180913-1800 Y20180905-2200 Y20180912-2200
  5. f05d5c4 Bug 509561 - only fire one change for all SyncInfos added to the root set by Julian Honnen · 1 year, 10 months ago R4_9_maintenance I20180827-2000 I20180828-0800 I20180828-2000 I20180829-0800 I20180829-2000 I20180830-1030 I20180831-0815 I20180831-2000 I20180901-0800 I20180901-1500 I20180902-0800 I20180902-2000 I20180903-0800 I20180903-0945 I20180903-1125 I20180903-1305 I20180903-2000 I20180904-0800 I20180904-2000 I20180905-0800 I20180905-2000 I20180906-0745 R4_9 S4_9_0_RC1 S4_9_0_RC2 Y20180829-2200
  6. 16d8a00 Bug 535802 - EPL 2.0 conversion for notice file by Lars Vogel · 8 weeks ago
  7. 20982a0 Bug 535802 - EPL 2.0 conversion for team features by Lars Vogel · 8 weeks ago I20180827-0800
  8. 619de29 Bug 535802 - EPL 2.0 conversion for team bundles by Lars Vogel · 8 weeks ago
  9. 997c65a Bug 535802 - EPL 2.0 conversion for team test by Lars Vogel · 8 weeks ago
  10. f38ab90 Bug 535802 - EPL 2.0 conversion for team examples by Lars Vogel · 8 weeks ago
  11. cf5a69a Bug 538279 - [Apply patch] wizard uses full screen height by Michael Keppler · 8 weeks ago
  12. 3f27039 Fixes incorrect EPL 1.0 header format by Lars Vogel · 8 weeks ago
  13. a8d7d8a Bug 429899 - [History View] - Set Link with Editor and Selection as default by Lars Vogel · 8 weeks ago I20180824-2000 I20180825-1500 I20180826-2000
  14. 947b49f Bug 530393 - EPL 2.0 update for for JDT templates by Lars Vogel · 9 weeks ago I20180821-2000 I20180822-0800 I20180822-2000 I20180823-0100 I20180823-0430 I20180823-0450 S4_9_0_M3 Y20180822-2200 Y20180823-0800
  15. e7bbc38 Bug 530393 - EPL 2.0 for exsd in by Lars Vogel · 9 weeks ago I20180820-0800 I20180820-2000 I20180821-0800
  16. 754910f Removes support for dead Platform.WS_CARBON by Lars Vogel · 9 weeks ago I20180816-2000 I20180817-2000 I20180818-0800 I20180818-1500 I20180819-0800 I20180819-2000
  17. 154cff5 Bug 532617 - Replace headstream instead of branch by Kalyan Prasad Tatavarthi · 9 weeks ago
  18. e0c6dbf Bug 537661 - Empty shell when calling validateEdit from non-UI thread by Simeon Andreev · 2 months ago I20180808-2000 I20180809-2000 I20180810-0320 I20180810-2000 I20180811-1500 I20180812-2000 I20180813-2000 I20180814-0900 I20180814-0910 I20180814-2000 I20180815-1250 I20180815-2000 Y20180808-2200 Y20180815-2200
  19. 4d9a3fd Bug 536498: Team UI error overlay wrong by Matthias Becker · 3 months ago I20180807-0350 I20180807-1425 I20180807-2000
  20. 6faead3 Bug 537044 - stop running team job for migration from 2.x to 3.0 by Andrey Loskutov · 3 months ago I20180715-2000 I20180716-0715 I20180716-2000 I20180717-0320 I20180717-2000 I20180718-0130 I20180718-2000 I20180719-2000 I20180720-2000 I20180721-1500 I20180722-2000 I20180723-2000 I20180724-2000 I20180725-2000 I20180726-2000 I20180727-2000 I20180728-0805 I20180728-1500 I20180729-0800 I20180729-2000 I20180730-0800 I20180730-2000 I20180730-2240 I20180731-0340 I20180731-0800 I20180731-1025 I20180731-1250 I20180731-1305 I20180731-2000 I20180801-0550 I20180801-0800 I20180801-0820 I20180801-2000 I20180803-2000 I20180804-1500 I20180805-2000 I20180806-0300 I20180806-2000 S4_9_0_M2 Y20180718-2200 Y20180720-0300 Y20180723-0615 Y20180723-0635 Y20180725-2200 Y20180801-2200