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  1. 6758b19 Bug 518939 - Fix text zoom enablement in multi page editors by Sebastian Ratz · 4 months ago master I20171115-2000 I20171116-2000 I20171117-2000
  2. 4e9bd88 Bug 521382 -[generic editor]Tests for Default Highlighter by Lucas Bullen · 10 days ago I20171114-2000 I20171115-0025 I20171115-0115
  3. fb8e522 Fixed bug 518997: [implementation] NPE in HTML2TextReader.finishAndReinitializeCurrentStyle by Dani Megert · 4 days ago
  4. 8127b32 Bug 527018 - [refactoring] Replace use of Number constructors by valueOf by Karsten Thoms · 10 days ago I20171109-2000 I20171110-2000 I20171111-0155 I20171111-0410 I20171111-1500 I20171112-2000 I20171113-2000
  5. 4e0ad0c Bug 526453 - [Search Dialog] disambiguate "Selected Resources" by Lucas Bullen · 11 days ago I20171108-2000
  6. e7f6f71 Added unexported packages by Dani Megert · 10 days ago
  7. aaab23b Bug 521382 - [generic editor] Default highlighter for generic editor by Lucas Bullen · 6 weeks ago I20171107-2000
  8. a0ab17a Removes a "unchecked" warning from HoverTest by Lars Vogel · 5 months ago I20171020-2000 I20171021-1500 I20171022-0800 I20171022-2000 I20171023-0800 I20171023-2000 I20171024-0800 I20171024-2000 I20171025-0800 I20171025-2000 I20171027-2000 I20171027-2340 I20171028-1500 I20171029-2000 I20171030-0400 I20171030-2000 I20171031-2000 I20171101-2000 I20171102-2000 I20171103-0405 I20171103-0715 I20171103-1105 I20171103-2000 I20171104-1500 I20171104-2025 I20171105-2000 I20171106-0630 I20171106-2000 S4_8_0_M3 S4_8_0_M3a
  9. 3c1fd5a Bug 521031 - [generic editor] How to implement Matching bracket by Lucas Bullen · 3 months ago I20171017-2000 I20171018-2000 I20171019-2000
  10. 43cdbb7 Bug 510715 - .project editor broken if test and example are checked out by Lucas Bullen · 3 months ago I20171012-2000 I20171013-2000 I20171014-1500 I20171015-0655 I20171015-2000 I20171016-2000 I20171017-0515
  11. f6cbef0 Bug 512251 - Fix IllegalArgumentException in ContextInformationPopup by Stephan Wahlbrink · 9 months ago I20171002-2000 I20171003-2000 I20171004-0315 I20171004-2000 I20171005-2000 I20171006-2000 I20171007-1500 I20171008-2000 I20171009-2000 I20171010-2000 I20171011-0305 I20171011-2000
  12. c0fff73 Added API Problem filter by Dani Megert · 7 weeks ago I20170928-2000 I20170929-2000 I20170930-1500 I20171001-2000
  13. 87f8104 Bug 522255 - Fix NPEs when no content-assist processor is available by Mickael Istria · 7 weeks ago
  14. d9b4c1b Bug 522255 - Filter/restart completion session only uses 1st processor by Mickael Istria · 9 weeks ago I20170925-2000 I20170926-2000 I20170927-0420 I20170927-2000
  15. a094046 Bug 522335 - Disable redraw while expanding the tree by Karsten Thoms · 9 weeks ago I20170919-2000 I20170920-0100 I20170920-2000 I20170921-2000 I20170922-2000 I20170923-1500 I20170924-2000
  16. 9bd6b4b Bug 521494 - Print class name of invalid input type by Karsten Thoms · 3 months ago I20170918-2000
  17. af04cf1 Bug 481968 - LineNumberRulerColumn.doPaint ignores LineSpacing of StyledText by angelozerr · 2 months ago I20170915-1030 I20170915-2000 I20170916-1500 I20170917-2000
  18. e341a61 Bug 522212 - Resolve redundant null checks by Karsten Thoms · 10 weeks ago
  19. 436cf72 Bug 521484 - Async content-assist can freeze UI Thread by Lucas Bullen · 2 months ago
  20. 4c51914 Bug 513321 - Aggregate mutliple hover sources by Mickael Istria · 6 months ago I20170908-2000 I20170908-2345 I20170909-0510 I20170909-0800 I20170909-0920 I20170909-1500 I20170910-0800 I20170910-1055 I20170910-2000 I20170911-0405 I20170911-0800 I20170911-2000 I20170912-0800 I20170912-2000 I20170912-2255 I20170913-0220 I20170913-0420 I20170913-0800 I20170913-1120 I20170913-2000 S4_8_0_M2