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  1. 150da4b Bug 576377 - Provide shortcuts/commands for incremental by Dirk Steinkamp · 8 weeks ago master
  2. 2f55fff Use from by Andrey Loskutov · 8 weeks ago I20220324-1800
  3. 070a1ce Bug 576377 - Provide shortcuts/commands for incremental by Dirk Steinkamp · 9 weeks ago I20220318-1220 I20220318-1800 I20220319-1800 I20220320-0340 I20220320-1800 I20220321-0920 I20220321-1800 I20220322-0800 I20220322-1800 I20220323-0740 I20220323-1230 I20220323-1800 I20220324-0140
  4. be2ef68 Bug 579294: NPE in TextViewer.computeSelection by Denis Ungemach · 9 weeks ago I20220317-1800 I20220318-0220
  5. 99a2f5e Bug 579247 - Commands for multi-selection not available in multipage editor by Mickael Istria · 9 weeks ago I20220315-1800 I20220316-1800
  6. ef0cf36 Bug 579267 - Caret not vertically aligned with line content code minings by Mickael Istria · 9 weeks ago
  7. 13e3e7a Bug 576377 - Provide shortcuts/commands for incremental by Dirk Steinkamp · 9 weeks ago
  8. 579ca5b Bug 574942 - Undo, Line End, Line Start... actions loose carets with block/multiple selection by Dirk Steinkamp · 10 weeks ago
  9. 1a27e19 Bug 576377 - Provide shortcuts/commands for incremental by Dirk Steinkamp · 2 months ago I20220311-1800 I20220312-0100 I20220312-1800 I20220313-1800 I20220314-1800
  10. 38f7a5e Bug 579073 - POM and product version change for 4.24 release by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 2 months ago I20220307-0340 I20220307-0630 I20220307-1010 I20220307-1800 I20220308-1800 I20220309-1800 I20220310-1800
  11. d87caaa Bug 579015 - Move to tycho 2.7.0 by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 3 months ago R4_23_maintenance I20220301-0600 I20220301-1800 I20220302-0600 I20220302-1800 I20220308-0310 R4_23 S4_23_0_RC2 S4_23_0_RC2a Y20220301-0600 Y20220302-0600 Y20220303-0600 Y20220304-0600 Y20220304-0750 Y20220305-0600 Y20220306-0600 Y20220307-0600 Y20220308-0600 Y20220308-0730 Y20220309-0600 Y20220310-0600 Y20220311-0600 Y20220312-0600 Y20220313-0600 Y20220314-0600 Y20220314-1250 Y20220315-0600 Y20220316-0600 Y20220317-0600 Y20220318-0600 Y20220319-0600 Y20220320-0600 Y20220321-0600 Y20220322-0730 Y20220323-0540
  12. 2ad4b7d [Bug 578782] Shift + Home / End changes selection direction for by Mickael Istria · 3 months ago I20220218-1800 I20220219-0600 I20220219-1800 I20220220-0600 I20220220-1800 I20220221-0600 I20220221-1800 I20220222-1350 I20220222-1800 I20220223-0600 I20220223-1800 I20220225-1800 I20220226-0600 I20220226-1800 I20220227-0600 I20220227-1800 I20220228-0600 I20220228-1800 S4_23_0_RC1 Y20220219-0600 Y20220220-0600 Y20220221-0600 Y20220222-1350 Y20220223-0600 Y20220224-0600 Y20220225-0600 Y20220226-0600 Y20220227-0600 Y20220228-0600
  13. d2b2691 Bug 540448 - Fix end-of-line code minings for CRLF by Mickael Istria · 3 months ago
  14. 5dafae8 Bug 575864 - avoid spinning without wait by Joerg Kubitz · 3 months ago I20220214-1800 I20220215-0600 I20220215-1800 I20220216-0600 I20220216-1800 S4_23_0_M3 Y20220215-0600 Y20220216-0600 Y20220217-0600 Y20220218-0600
  15. 15d0924 Bug 540448 - Increase spacing for line end code mining by Mickael Istria · 3 months ago I20220211-1800 I20220212-0140 I20220212-0600 I20220212-0800 I20220212-1800 I20220212-2040 I20220213-0600 I20220213-1800 I20220214-0600 Y20220212-0800 Y20220213-0900 Y20220214-0600
  16. 9ebe6ce Bug 577122 - Javadoc first line is not copied by Mickael Istria · 3 months ago I20220210-1800 Y20220211-0800
  17. 3c9f39d Adjust Jenkinsfile for move of releng.aggregator to github by Alexander Kurtakov · 3 months ago I20220209-1800 Y20220210-0600
  18. f3a0c35 Bug 540448 - [code mining] create code minings at the end of the line by Mickael Istria · 3 months ago I20220207-1800 I20220208-1800 Y20220207-0600 Y20220208-0600 Y20220209-0600
  19. 61ad084 Bug 575864 - Add API to wake up AbstractReconciler.BackgroundThread by Joerg Kubitz · 7 months ago I20220206-1800
  20. a965822 Bug 569286 - enhance NPE analysis in AbstractTextEditor by Joerg Kubitz · 11 months ago I20220203-0300 I20220203-1310 I20220203-1550 I20220203-1640 I20220204-0300 I20220204-1800 I20220205-0040 I20220205-1800 Y20220203-0600 Y20220204-0620 Y20220204-0750 Y20220204-1200 Y20220205-0600 Y20220206-0600