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  1. bfbc401 Bug: calls equals(Object) on StringBuilder and String by Carsten Hammer · 2 years, 10 months ago master I20220317-1800 I20220318-0220
  2. 01ef7d3 Bug: defines equals and uses Object.hashCode() by Lars Vogel · 1 year, 8 months ago
  3. 842ddda Bump version by Mickael Istria · 1 year, 6 months ago
  4. fc86588 Bug: Call to String.equals on two references of different class by Carsten Hammer · 2 years, 10 months ago
  5. 8600775 Bug 578820 - Use new FileLocator.getBundleFileLocation(Bundle) by Hannes Wellmann · 1 year, 6 months ago
  6. 9bb4ffc Bug: Repeated conditional test by Carsten Hammer · 2 years, 10 months ago
  7. 55036bd Bug 579062 - BrowserIntroPartImplementation Widget is disposed by Joerg Kubitz · 1 year, 7 months ago I20220308-1800 I20220309-1800 I20220310-1800 I20220311-1800 I20220312-0100 I20220312-1800 I20220313-1800 I20220314-1800 I20220315-1800 I20220316-1800
  8. 2bb2532 Version bump for 4.24 stream by Alexander Kurtakov · 1 year, 7 months ago I20220307-1800
  9. a953bdb Bug 579073 - POM and product version change for 4.24 release by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 1 year, 7 months ago I20220307-0340 I20220307-0630 I20220307-1010
  10. faac7fb Bug 579015 - Move to tycho 2.7.0 by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 1 year, 7 months ago R4_23_maintenance I20220301-0600 I20220301-1800 I20220302-0600 I20220302-1800 I20220308-0310 R4_23 S4_23_0_RC2 S4_23_0_RC2a Y20220301-0600 Y20220302-0600 Y20220303-0600 Y20220304-0600 Y20220304-0750 Y20220305-0600 Y20220306-0600 Y20220307-0600 Y20220308-0600 Y20220308-0730 Y20220309-0600 Y20220310-0600 Y20220311-0600 Y20220312-0600 Y20220313-0600 Y20220314-0600 Y20220314-1250 Y20220315-0600 Y20220316-0600 Y20220317-0600 Y20220318-0600 Y20220319-0600 Y20220320-0600
  11. b3615da Bug 578808 - Version increment required for by Alexander Kurtakov · 1 year, 7 months ago I20220220-0600 I20220220-1800 I20220221-0600 I20220221-1800 I20220222-1350 I20220222-1800 I20220223-0600 I20220223-1800 I20220225-1800 I20220226-0600 I20220226-1800 I20220227-0600 I20220227-1800 I20220228-0600 I20220228-1800 S4_23_0_RC1 Y20220220-0600 Y20220221-0600 Y20220222-1350 Y20220223-0600 Y20220224-0600 Y20220225-0600 Y20220226-0600 Y20220227-0600 Y20220228-0600
  12. 90f3771 Bug 578536 - Stop pointing to by Alexander Kurtakov · 1 year, 8 months ago I20220210-1800 I20220211-1800 I20220212-0140 I20220212-0600 I20220212-0800 I20220212-1800 I20220212-2040 I20220213-0600 I20220213-1800 I20220214-0600 I20220214-1800 I20220215-0600 I20220215-1800 I20220216-0600 I20220216-1800 I20220218-1800 I20220219-0600 I20220219-1800 S4_23_0_M3 Y20220211-0800 Y20220212-0800 Y20220213-0900 Y20220214-0600 Y20220215-0600 Y20220216-0600 Y20220217-0600 Y20220218-0600 Y20220219-0600
  13. 37cac8b Adjust Jenkinsfile for move of releng.aggregator to github by Alexander Kurtakov · 1 year, 8 months ago I20220209-1800 Y20220210-0600
  14. 2fee907 Update Tycho pomless to 2.6.0 by Alexander Kurtakov · 1 year, 8 months ago I20220121-1800 I20220122-1800 I20220123-1800 I20220124-0510 I20220125-0320 I20220125-1800 I20220126-0520 I20220126-1800 I20220127-1800 I20220128-1800 I20220129-1800 I20220131-0700 I20220131-0800 I20220201-0310 I20220201-1800 I20220202-0620 I20220202-1800 I20220203-0300 I20220203-1310 I20220203-1550 I20220203-1640 I20220204-0300 I20220204-1800 I20220205-0040 I20220205-1800 I20220206-1800 I20220207-1800 I20220208-1800 Y20220122-0600 Y20220123-0600 Y20220124-0600 Y20220125-0600 Y20220126-0600 Y20220127-0600 Y20220128-0600 Y20220129-0600 Y20220201-0600 Y20220202-0600 Y20220202-0910 Y20220203-0600 Y20220204-0620 Y20220204-0750 Y20220204-1200 Y20220205-0600 Y20220206-0600 Y20220207-0600 Y20220208-0600 Y20220209-0600
  15. 6e7aeb3 Version bump for 4.23 stream by Alexander Kurtakov · 1 year, 8 months ago
  16. 5bbb293 Bug 577447 - Version bumps for 4.23 stream by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 1 year, 10 months ago I20211126-0740 I20211126-1800 I20211127-1800 I20211128-1800 I20211129-1800 I20211130-1000 I20211130-1100 I20211130-1800 I20211201-1800 I20211201-1950 I20211202-0440 I20211202-0900 I20211203-1010 I20211203-1800 I20211204-0500 I20211204-1800 I20211205-1800 I20211206-1800 I20211207-1800 I20211208-1800 I20211209-1800 I20211210-0600 I20211210-1050 I20211210-1800 I20211211-1800 I20211212-1800 I20211213-0440 I20211213-1800 I20211214-1800 I20211215-1800 I20211216-1800 I20211217-1800 I20211218-0140 I20211218-0200 I20211218-1800 I20211219-1800 I20211220-1820 I20211221-0620 I20211221-1800 I20211222-1800 I20211223-1800 I20211224-1800 I20211225-1800 I20211226-1800 I20211227-1800 I20211228-1800 I20211229-1800 I20211230-1800 I20211231-1800 I20220101-0600 I20220101-1140 I20220101-1800 I20220102-0600 I20220102-1800 I20220103-0600 I20220103-1800 I20220104-0600 I20220104-0940 I20220104-1800 I20220105-0600 I20220105-1800 I20220106-0000 I20220107-1800 I20220108-1800 I20220109-1800 I20220110-0310 I20220110-0550 I20220110-1800 I20220111-0450 I20220111-1800 I20220111-1910 I20220111-2130 I20220112-0210 I20220112-1800 I20220113-1800 I20220114-1800 I20220115-1800 I20220116-1800 I20220117-1800 I20220118-1800 I20220119-0540 I20220119-1320 I20220119-1440 I20220119-1800 I20220120-0220 I20220120-0720 I20220120-1800 S4_23_0_M1 Y20211210-0210 Y20211210-0600 Y20211211-0600 Y20211212-0600 Y20211213-0600 Y20211214-0600 Y20211215-0600 Y20211215-1140 Y20211216-0600 Y20211217-0600 Y20211218-0600 Y20211219-0600 Y20211220-0600 Y20211221-0600 Y20211222-0600 Y20211222-0830 Y20211222-0840 Y20211222-1030 Y20211223-0600 Y20211224-0600 Y20211227-0600 Y20211228-0600 Y20211229-0600 Y20211230-0600 Y20211231-0600 Y20220101-0600 Y20220102-0600 Y20220103-0600 Y20220104-0600 Y20220105-0600 Y20220106-0600 Y20220107-0600 Y20220108-0600 Y20220109-0600 Y20220110-0600 Y20220111-0600 Y20220112-0600 Y20220112-0630 Y20220113-0600 Y20220113-0900 Y20220114-0600 Y20220115-0600 Y20220116-0600 Y20220117-0600 Y20220118-0600 Y20220119-0600 Y20220120-0600 Y20220121-0600
  17. acd66ff Bug 577442 - POM and product version change for 4.23 release by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 1 year, 10 months ago I20211126-0230
  18. cadc4e5 Remove redundant null check by Alexander Kurtakov · 1 year, 11 months ago R4_22_maintenance I20211113-0600 I20211113-1800 I20211114-0600 I20211114-1800 I20211115-0600 I20211116-0000 I20211116-0600 I20211116-1800 I20211117-0600 I20211117-0920 I20211117-1830 I20211119-1800 I20211120-0600 I20211120-1800 I20211121-0600 I20211121-1800 I20211122-0820 I20211122-1800 I20211123-0600 I20211123-0750 I20211123-1800 I20211124-0600 I20211124-1800 R4_22 S4_22_0_RC1 S4_22_0_RC2
  19. 434f8e2 Version bumps for 4.22 stream. by Alexander Kurtakov · 1 year, 11 months ago I20211106-0600 I20211106-1800 I20211107-0600 I20211107-1800 I20211108-0620 I20211108-1800 I20211109-0720 I20211109-0840 I20211109-1800 I20211110-0600 I20211110-0750 I20211110-1800 I20211111-0910 I20211112-2030 S4_22_0_M3
  20. 22277a8 Use StandardCharsets by Alexander Kurtakov · 2 years ago I20211015-1800 I20211016-1800 I20211017-1800 I20211018-1800 I20211019-1800 I20211020-1800 I20211021-1800 I20211022-0130 I20211022-0920 I20211022-1800 I20211023-1800 I20211024-1800 I20211025-1800 I20211026-1800 I20211027-1800 I20211028-1800 I20211029-1800 I20211030-1800 I20211031-1800 I20211101-1800 I20211102-1020 I20211102-1800 I20211103-0020 I20211103-1800 I20211104-1800 I20211105-1800