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  1. 8d81a76 Bug 550094 - Update platform to Jetty 9.4.20 by Alexander Kurtakov · 9 days ago master I20190816-0155 I20190816-1800 I20190817-1800 I20190818-1800 I20190819-0600 I20190819-2355 I20190820-0600 I20190820-0855 I20190820-1800 I20190821-0600 I20190821-1800 I20190823-0530 I20190823-0840 S4_13_0_M3 Y20190815-0900 Y20190819-0900 Y20190822-0900
  2. 171a896 Bug 549939 - Remove "Are you sure you want to " from text by Lars Vogel · 10 days ago
  3. d0da65e Bug 550037 - Use StringBuilder instead of StringBuffer in by Lars Vogel · 11 days ago I20190814-1800
  4. 3b32132 Bug 549858 - Use PlatformUI.getWorkbench instead of by Lars Vogel · 11 days ago
  5. 20f43fb Removes dead code from HelpUIPlugin by Lars Vogel · 11 days ago
  6. 82bd17d Bug 547897 - Investigate column widths for N&N documentation by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 5 weeks ago I20190718-1800 I20190719-1800 I20190720-1800 I20190721-1800 I20190722-1800 I20190723-1800 I20190724-1800 I20190725-1800 I20190726-1800 I20190727-1800 I20190728-1800 I20190729-1800 I20190730-1800 I20190731-1800 I20190801-0600 I20190801-1800 I20190802-1800 I20190803-1800 I20190804-1800 I20190805-1800 I20190806-1800 I20190807-1800 I20190808-1800 I20190809-1800 I20190810-1800 I20190811-1800 I20190812-1800 I20190813-1800 Y20190718-0450 Y20190718-0905 Y20190722-0900 Y20190725-0900 Y20190729-0900 Y20190730-0055 Y20190730-0135 Y20190801-0900 Y20190805-0900 Y20190808-0900 Y20190812-0900
  7. 348336d Bug 546564 - "Command link" icon in help not high res by Matthias Becker · 6 weeks ago I20190712-1800 I20190713-0230 I20190713-1105 I20190713-1800 I20190714-1800 I20190715-1800 I20190716-1800 I20190717-1800 Y20190715-0900 Y20190715-2335
  8. e493973 Use StringBuilder in internal HTMLUtil class by Lars Vogel · 7 weeks ago I20190705-1800 I20190706-1800 I20190707-0110 I20190707-1800 I20190708-0800 I20190708-1035 I20190708-1800 I20190709-0610 I20190709-1800 I20190710-0610 I20190710-1800 I20190711-0825 I20190711-1120 I20190711-1805 I20190712-0625 S4_13_0_M1 Y20190708-0900 Y20190711-0900 Y20190711-2335
  9. 09cba74 Setting NLS compiler error to tips.core by Lars Vogel · 7 weeks ago
  10. 6734773 Fixes NLS issues in by Lars Vogel · 7 weeks ago
  11. a069385 Using indexOf char instead of indexOf String by Lars Vogel · 7 weeks ago Y20190705-0620
  12. 5499cca 4.13 update for by Lars Vogel · 7 weeks ago
  13. 73e505c Bug 548898 - [Tips] Move early startup Tips init to the background by Andrey Loskutov · 8 weeks ago I20190703-1800 I20190704-0245 I20190704-1800 Y20190704-0900
  14. 5e7fa6a Bug 532185: [Dark Theme] Help content does not respect styling by Matthias Becker · 4 months ago I20190626-1800 I20190627-0135 I20190627-1800 I20190628-1800 I20190629-1800 I20190630-1800 I20190701-1805 I20190702-0610 I20190702-0930 I20190702-1800 I20190703-0640 Y20190627-0045 Y20190627-0200 Y20190627-0630 Y20190628-1440 Y20190701-0635
  15. 21ace96 Bug 532185: [Dark Theme] Help content does not respect styling by Matthias Becker · 4 months ago
  16. 6afacb4 Bug 547304 - [cleanup] Fix wrong space/tab indentation by Paul Pazderski · 3 months ago I20190624-1800 I20190625-0535 I20190625-1800 I20190626-0720
  17. 68c0b2f Bug 548173 - Tips dialog not shown with by Simeon Andreev · 2 months ago
  18. 9c53375 Bug 548283: o.e.ui.cheatsheets should use high resolution icons by Matthias Becker · 10 weeks ago
  19. daa5966 Bug 474156 - Run API Tools builder in the Gerrit verification build by Mickael Istria · 9 weeks ago I20190621-1800 I20190623-1800
  20. 0eaa4bd Use String.contains instead of indexOf by Lars Vogel · 10 weeks ago