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  1. 1b88ad2 Bug 453379 - Make sure to precompile jsps with the same Jetty version by Alexander Kurtakov · 5 days ago master I20181212-0230 I20181212-1800 I20181213-1800 I20181214-0105 I20181214-0720 I20181214-1800 I20181215-0340 I20181215-1800 I20181216-1800 Y20181212-2200
  2. 8ee73dc Bug 453379 - Make sure to precompile jsps with the same Jetty version by Alexander Kurtakov · 3 weeks ago I20181211-1800
  3. 3494ce2 Bump versions for 4.11 stream. by Alexander Kurtakov · 6 days ago
  4. 8711c54 Bug 542545 - Update copyright to 2019 by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 9 days ago I20181210-0535 I20181210-0755 I20181210-1800 I20181211-0230
  5. 5135ccc Bug 541822 - POM and product version change for 4.11 release by Niraj Modi · 10 days ago
  6. 7f10b5d Bug 541822 - POM and product version change for 4.11 release by Alexander Kurtakov · 10 days ago
  7. 11b0b8d Bug 538726 - Eclipse Help Server XSS by Holger Voormann · 3 weeks ago R4_10_maintenance I20181128-0600 I20181128-0810 I20181128-1105 I20181128-1800 I20181129-0330 I20181130-1800 I20181201-0600 I20181201-1800 I20181202-0600 I20181202-1800 I20181203-0600 I20181203-1800 I20181204-0600 I20181204-1800 I20181205-0600 I20181205-1800 I20181206-0030 I20181206-0225 I20181206-0320 I20181206-0815 S4_10_0_RC1 S4_10_0_RC2 Y20181128-2200 Y20181204-0315 Y20181205-2200
  8. b4361a8 Bug 535339 - All repositories need a NOTICE and LICENSE file by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 4 months ago I20181114-1050 I20181114-1325 I20181114-1345 I20181114-1800 I20181115-0200 I20181115-1800 I20181116-1800 I20181117-0600 I20181117-1800 I20181118-0600 I20181118-1800 I20181119-0600 I20181119-1800 I20181119-2315 I20181120-0600 I20181120-1800 I20181121-0600 I20181121-0910 I20181121-1800 I20181123-1800 I20181124-0600 I20181124-1800 I20181125-0600 I20181125-1800 I20181126-0140 I20181126-0600 I20181126-0940 I20181126-1800 I20181127-0600 I20181127-1800 I20181128-0130 S4_10_0_M3 Y20181114-2200 Y20181121-2200
  9. df3354a Bug 540818 - Add Import-Package: javax.annotation to bundles using annotations by Alexander Kurtakov · 6 weeks ago I20181107-1800 I20181108-1800 I20181109-0350 I20181112-0320 I20181112-0435 I20181112-1800 I20181114-0200 I20181114-0355 I20181114-0925 Y20181107-2200
  10. 6100ecd Bug 540662 - [Tips] Preference to unsubscribe from a Tip Provider by Simeon Andreev · 6 weeks ago I20181107-0200
  11. 41e5613 Remove no longer needed SuppressWarning by Alexander Kurtakov · 9 weeks ago I20181018-1800 I20181019-0330 I20181019-0450 I20181019-1800 I20181020-1800 I20181021-1800 I20181022-1800 I20181022-2040 I20181023-0800 I20181023-1200 I20181023-1800 I20181024-1800 I20181025-1800 I20181026-1800 I20181027-1800 I20181028-1800 I20181029-1800 I20181030-1800 I20181031-0540 I20181031-0550 I20181031-1800 I20181101-1800 I20181102-1800 I20181102-2120 I20181103-1800 I20181104-1800 I20181105-1800 I20181106-0125 I20181106-1800 Y20181025-0530 Y20181025-0550 Y20181026-0120 Y20181030-0940 Y20181030-1100 Y20181031-2200
  12. 7b71a49 Bug 540097 - Comparator Errors in I20181012-1800 Build by Kalyan Prasad Tatavarthi · 9 weeks ago I20181013-1800 I20181014-1800 I20181014-2350 I20181015-0255 I20181015-1800 I20181016-1800 I20181017-1800
  13. 1bd8bf7 Bug 539148 - [Tips] should include by Wim Jongman · 3 months ago I20181002-1800 I20181003-1800 I20181003-2215 I20181004-1800 I20181005-1800 I20181006-0600 I20181006-1800 I20181007-0600 I20181007-1800 I20181008-0600 I20181008-1800 I20181009-0600 I20181009-1800 I20181010-0600 I20181010-1800 I20181012-1800 S4_10_0_M1
  14. d20a934 Version 4.10 update for "" by Sergey Fukanchik · 3 months ago
  15. d993d1a Bug 538726 - Eclipse Help Server XSS by Sergey Fukanchik · 3 months ago
  16. aee3c57 Bug 539439 - checkbox label not clickable by Sergey Fukanchik · 3 months ago I20180927-0040 I20180927-0135 I20180927-1800 I20180928-1800 I20180929-1800 I20180930-1800 I20181001-0235 I20181001-0920 I20181001-1800 I20181002-0205
  17. 79ee762 4.10 version update for org.eclipse.ui.intro by Lars Vogel · 3 months ago
  18. 046ea50 Bump versions for 4.10. by Alexander Kurtakov · 3 months ago I20180924-1800 I20180925-1800 I20180926-0830 I20180926-1800
  19. fab21c7 Bug 538290 - TVT48: Duplicated mnemonics are found in 'Tip of the day' by Wim Jongman · 3 months ago I20180911-1400 I20180912-0210 I20180912-0225 I20180912-2240 I20180913-0415 I20180913-1800 I20180914-0620 I20180918-1800 I20180918-2005 I20180919-1800 I20180920-0430 I20180920-0630 I20180920-1800 I20180921-1800 I20180922-0005 I20180922-0245 I20180922-1800 I20180923-1800 Y20180912-2200 Y20180919-2200
  20. 9e82c18 Bug 538531 - POM version change for 4.10 release by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 3 months ago I20180905-0410 I20180905-1305 I20180906-0005 I20180906-1400 I20180907-0400 I20180907-0650 I20180907-0715 I20180907-0855 I20180910-0310 Y20180905-2200