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  1. 0830ae6 Bug 570914 - use fixed API by Andrey Loskutov · 2 weeks ago master I20210210-1800 I20210211-1810 I20210212-1840 I20210213-0600 I20210213-1800 I20210214-0600 I20210214-1800 I20210215-0600 I20210215-0700 I20210215-1800 I20210216-0600 I20210216-1030 I20210216-1140 I20210216-1340 I20210216-1800 I20210216-2020 I20210217-0600 I20210217-1800 I20210219-0300 I20210219-1800 I20210220-0600 I20210220-1800 I20210221-0600 I20210221-1800 I20210222-0600 I20210222-1800 I20210223-0600 I20210223-0650 I20210223-1800 I20210224-0600 I20210224-0840 I20210224-1800 I20210226-0220 I20210226-1800 I20210226-2140 I20210227-0600 S4_19_0_M3 S4_19_0_RC1 Y20210211-0600 Y20210211-1200 Y20210212-1200 Y20210213-1200 Y20210214-1000 Y20210215-1020 Y20210216-1000 Y20210217-1000 Y20210218-1000 Y20210219-1000 Y20210220-1000 Y20210221-1000 Y20210222-1000 Y20210223-1050 Y20210224-1000 Y20210225-1000 Y20210226-1000
  2. c8d66dc Bug 570914 - Fix for ContributionDataFile for e4 tools by Lars Vogel · 3 weeks ago I20210206-0720 I20210206-1800 I20210207-1800 I20210208-1800 I20210209-1800 I20210210-0910 Y20210209-1200 Y20210210-0100 Y20210210-1200
  3. b48b0c0 Removes unreachable code from RegistryUtil by Lars Vogel · 3 weeks ago I20210204-1100 I20210204-1300 I20210204-1430 I20210204-1800 I20210204-2320 I20210205-1800 I20210206-0050 Y20210205-1200
  4. 6515e3b Using Primitve comparison in ObjectViewer by Lars Vogel · 3 weeks ago I20210204-0900
  5. a205807 4.19 update of org.eclipse.e4.tools.emf.ui by Lars Vogel · 3 weeks ago I20210203-1800 I20210204-0300


Repository for the platform tools to develop Eclipse 4 RCP applications.

How to build

Use the following command to build the components in this repository.

mvn clean verify -Pbuild-individual-bundles