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<title>Eclipse 3.5 Ant Release Notes</title>
Eclipse 3.5 Ant Build Notes</h1>
<h2>Enhancements in 3.5</h2>
<li>Added API constants for Ant launch configuration attributes - <code>org.eclipse.ant.ui.launching.IAntLaunchConfigurationConstants</code>.</li>
<h2>May 5, 2009</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">Bug 274603</a>: Unreachable strings<br>
<h2>April 14, 2009</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">Bug 222615</a>: Export Ant buildfile does not export JUnit4 style tests<br>
<a href="">Bug 223902</a>: [launching] No descriptions for ant launch shortcuts<br>
<h2>April 7, 2009</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">Bug 270041</a>: Any first Ant target invocation builds open java projects while Build Automatically is turned off<br>
<h2>March 23, 2009</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">Bug 161354</a>: Exported ANT scripts should use the 'dir' attribute of the ant task<br>
<a href="">Bug 201143</a>: exported ant script does not apply include/exclude filter on init target's copy task<br>
<a href="">Bug 267459</a>: Java project with an external jar file from FS root on the build path throws a NPE during the Ant Buildfile generation.<br>
<h2>February 3, 2009</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">Bug 218074</a>: button label truncations on External Tools Builders config dialog<br>
<h2>3.5 M5 - January 30, 2009</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">Bug 262378</a>: Ant test suite does not handle dynamic plugin version length<br>
<h2>December 22, 2008</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">Bug 215530</a>: Ant targets no longer bring up &quot;Ant Configuration Settings&quot; Dialog box<br>
<h2>November 25, 2008</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">Bug 253100</a>: 'Builders' property page should remember it has warned the user<br>
<a href="">Bug 256299</a>: Simplify setup of ContentAssistAction<br>
<h2>November 18, 2008</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">Bug 255370</a>: AntBuildfileContentDescriber should extend org.eclipse.core.runtime.content.XMLContentDescriber<br>
<h2>October 4, 2008</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">Bug 251259</a>: Use the new contentType extension point<br>
<h2>Aug 19, 2008</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">Bug 244581</a>: Javadoc warnings in N20080818-2000<br>
<a href="">Bug 244301</a>: javadoc errors in N20080814-2000<br>
<a href="">Bug 244121</a>: Warning in build<br>
<a href="">Bug 42262</a>: Ant API<br>
<h2>July 22, 2008</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">Bug 241538</a>: ant tests need to be updated to reflect ant 1.7.1<br>
<a href="">Bug 209504</a>: Adopt Apache Ant 1.7.1<br>
<h2>July 8, 2008</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">Bug 158627</a>: Eclipse is not following a variable import link<br>
<a href="">Bug 201180</a>: Export ant buildfile does not export bootclasspath correctly<br>
<a href="">Bug 192726</a>: ant exporter incorrectly defines path variables<br>
<a href="">Bug 195840</a>: Import a XML file with BOM character in ant editor fails<br>
<h2>June 30, 2008</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">Bug 238665</a>: Change to use bundle activation policy for Ant core and Ant ui<br>
<a href="">Bug 238990</a>: Remove no longer used code to setup code assist navigation<br>