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S_Add = Add
S_Additional_Locations = Additional Locations
S_An_installation_error_or_cancellation_has_occurred = An installation error or cancellation has occurred
S_At_the_following_domain = At the following domain
S_Available = Available
S_Cancel_component_installation = Cancel component installation
S_Component = Component
S_Component_identifier = Component identifier
S_Component_name = Component name
S_Configuration_Change = Configuration Change
S_Copy = Copy
S_Current_installation = Current installation
S_Description = Description
S_Encountered_jar_entry_security_exception = Encountered jar entry security exception
S_Enter_a_user_name_and_password_for = Enter a user name and password for
S_Error_closing_output_stream = Error closing output stream
S_Error_in_registry = Error in registry
S_Error_occurred_during_installation_completion = Error occurred during installation completion
S_Error_occurred_during_installation_setup = Error occurred during installation setup
S_Error_occurred_during_verification = Error occurred during verification
S_Error_reading_from_input_stream = Error reading from input stream
S_Error_writing_to_output_stream = Error writing to output stream
S_Examining = Examining
S_File_is_not_a_valid_JAR_file = File is not a valid JAR file
S_File_name = File name
S_HTTP_client_not_set = HTTP client not set
S_Identifier = Identifier
S_Information = Information
S_Install = Install
S_Install_component = Install component
S_Install_Components = Install Components
S_Installation = Installation
S_Installation_cancelled_by_user = Installation cancelled by user
S_Installation_completed = Installation completed
S_Installations_have_completed_successfully = Installations have completed successfully
S_Installed = Installed
S_Installed_Components = Installed Components
S_Installing_this_component_may_corrupt_your_installation = Installing this component may corrupt your installation
S_Location = Location
S_New_Component_Updates = New Component Updates
S_New_Components = New Components
S_No_installable_items_were_found = No installable items were found
S_not_available = not available
S_not_compatible = not compatible
S_not_newer = not newer
S_not_updatable = not updatable
S_Number_of_installation_histories_to_keep = Number of installation histories to keep
S_Obtaining_information = Obtaining information
S_optional = optional
S_Password = Password
S_Password_Required = Password Required
S_Predefined_Locations = Predefined Locations
S_Provider = Provider
S_Reading = Reading
S_Remove = Remove
S_Remove_selected_components = Remove selected components
S_Revert = Revert
S_Revert_to_a_Previous_Installation = Revert to a Previous Installation
S_Revert_to_another_installation = Revert to another installation
S_Search_for_more_recent_versions_to_install = Search for more recent versions to install
S_Search_for_new_components = Search for new components
S_Search_for_updates_for_all_components = Search for updates for all components
S_Search_for_updates_for_selected_components = Search for updates for selected components
S_Select_a_previous_installation_to_revert_to = Select a previous installation to revert to
S_Select_any_optional_components_to_install = Select any optional components to install
S_Select_available_versions_to_install = Select available versions to install
S_Select_components_to_install = Select components to install
S_Select_locations_to_update_from = Select locations to update from
S_Show_only_most_recent_versions = Show only most recent versions
S_Software_Updates = Software Updates
S_Source_location = Source location
S_Source_URL_is_malformed = Source URL is malformed
S_Specify_search_locations_for_new_components = Specify search locations for new components
S_Status = Status
S_Target_URL_is_malformed = Target URL is malformed
S_The_certificates_used_to_authenticate_this_component_are_not_recognized = The certificates used to authenticate this component are not recognized
S_The_content_of_this_component_has_been_corrupted = The content of this component has been corrupted
S_The_following_installation_will_become_active_when_the_workbench_is_restarted = The following installation will become active when the workbench is restarted
S_The_following_items_will_be_installed = The following items will be installed
S_The_following_items_will_be_updated = The following items will be updated
S_The_installation_process_will_be_aborted = The installation process will be aborted
S_The_provider_of_this_component_cannot_be_verified = The provider of this component cannot be verified
S_This_component_has_not_been_digitally_signed = This component has not been digitally signed
S_This_component_will_not_be_installed = This component will not be installed
S_Update = Update
S_Update_All = Update All
S_Updates_completed = Updates completed
S_Unable_to_access_the_following_locations = Unable to access the following locations
S_Unable_to_connect = Unable to connect
S_Unable_to_create_file = Unable to create file
S_Unable_to_create_jar_entry_URL = Unable to create jar entry URL
S_Unable_to_create_output_file_for_Jar_entry = Unable to create output file for Jar entry
S_Unable_to_delete_file = Unable to delete file
S_Unable_to_find_install_manifest_file_in_Jar = Unable to find install manifest file in Jar
S_Unable_to_find_defined_contents_in_Jar = Unable to find defined contents in Jar
S_Unable_to_obtain_source_input_stream = Unable to obtain source input stream
S_Unable_to_obtain_target_output_stream = Unable to obtain target output stream
S_Unable_to_open_error_logs = Unable to open error_logs
S_Unable_to_open_jar_entry_input_stream = Unable to open jar entry input stream
S_Unable_to_open_Jar_file = Unable to open Jar file
S_Undefined_contents_found_in_Jar = Undefined contents found in Jar
S_Undo = Undo
S_User_name = User name
S_Verification = Verification
S_Verification_cancelled = Verification cancelled
S_Verify = Verify
S_Version = Version
S_You_are_about_to_install_a_signed_component = You are about to install a signed component
S_You_are_about_to_install_an_unsigned_component = You are about to install an unsigned component
S_You_may_choose_to_install_the_component_or_cancel_its_installation = You may choose to install the component or cancel its installation
S_You_must_restart_the_workbench_to_activate_any_changes = You must restart the workbench to activate any changes