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<title>Eclipse 3.3 Ant Release Notes</title>
Eclipse 3.3 Ant Build Notes</h1>
<h2>3.3 RC4 2007 Friday, 8 June 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">192438</a>: [doc] Ant build file export wizard doc out of date<br>
<a href="">192201</a>: Ant screenshots out of date<br>
<a href="">192130</a>: Ant Preference pages need to be updated in the User Guide<br>
<h2>3.3 RC1 2007 Friday, 18 May 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">183283</a>: Exporting product produces Exception if installation path has spaces<br>
<h2>3.3 M7 2007 Friday, 4 May 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">180093</a>: Missing nls message<br>
<a href="">137980</a>: Move to Ant 1.7<br>
<a href="">182444</a>: jars.extra.classpath causes duplicate classpath entry<br>
<a href="">182577</a>: executing ant build in same JRE seems to leak input handling thread<br>
<a href="">164958</a>: Hover over problem is wrong<br>
<a href="">182653</a>: [DOC] Update org.eclipse.platform.doc.user\tasks\antRunner.htm<br>
<a href="">155566</a>: [DOC] Ant Builder has no "Run the builder" settings<br>
<a href="">183702</a>: Move off of deprecated FileUtils methods<br>
<a href="">184215</a>: Error when opening build.xml with macrodef<br>
<a href="">163534</a>: Eclipse ANT "- projecthelp" produces mixed up results<br>
<a href="">179837</a>: Some external tool builders not running, then NPE<br>
<a href="">184112</a>: Exclude support jars from signing<br>
<a href="">184124</a>: remove open LCD test from ant test suite<br>
<a href="">177833</a>: Adapt to validate edit deprecations within ExportUtil<br>
<a href="">152067</a>: [Ant 1.7] Default value is available for the input task<br>
<a href="">160767</a>: [Help] General XML files not openable by ant editor<br>
<a href="">175350</a>: [Ant 1.7] References are more lazily loaded --> incomplete code assistance<br>
<h2>3.3 M6 2007 Friday, 23 March 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">174276</a>: JavaFileEditorInput will be deleted<br>
<a href="">138007</a>: system_path macro should support common extensions in Windows<br>
<a href="">168094</a>: Hyperlinks from Ant output not working<br>
<a href="">174726</a>: a possible null-dereference in "org.eclipse.ant.ui/Ant Editor/org/eclipse/ant/internal/ui/editor/outline/"<br>
<a href="">175345</a>: ResourceException running Ant UI test suite<br>
<a href="">177125</a>: Buildfile template should declare encoding<br>
<a href="">177135</a>: Replace hard coded hyperlink detector with extension<br>
<a href="">177581</a>: Adopt "Show Tooltip" / F2 support from Platform Text<br>
<a href="">178031</a>: Adopt tabs to spaces support from Platform Text<br>
<a href="">175823</a>: org.apache.ant should have plug-in nature<br>
<a href="">170859</a>: Move AntRunner to IApplication<br>
<a href="">147337</a>: Need a link source option for Ant build script<br>
<a href="">176157</a>: testAttributePrposals test fails on Harmony VM due to inconsistent check<br>
<a href="">175692</a>: EmptyStackException handling a warning<br>
<a href="">175186</a>: Add a build variable for showing changeset (patch included)<br>
<a href="">174759</a>: ant editor breaks on imported build files<br>
<a href="">Bug 175352</a>: [Ant 1.7] More eager cleanup after execute --&gt; macrodef stepping problems<br>
<a href="">Bug 176620</a>: AntCLassLoader loads classes from plugin bundle, but not resources<br>
<h2>3.3 M5 Friday, 9 February 2007</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">170050</a>: small error in ant hover info<br>
<a href="">170145</a>: [launching] new mapping for launch shortcuts<br>
<a href="">167291</a>: Unable to create XML editor with wrapper version of Ant<br>
<a href="">171420</a>: [launching] New fields for launch delegates<br>
<h2>3.3 M4 Friday, 15 December 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">163382</a>: add property file to support signing<br>
<a href="">163962</a>: condition task 'else' attribute does not appear in content assist?<br>
<h2>3.3 M3 Friday, 3 November 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">158332</a>: Get rid of copied HTML rendering classes<br>
<a href="">161267</a>: [launching] deleting ant config produces error<br>
<a href="">161273</a>: [launching] using context menu in LCD to create a new or duplicate causes errors<br>
<a href="">155510</a>: Project properties->Builders: Cancel doesn't work properly.<br>
<a href="">161845</a>: ANT build export fails when ECLIPSE_HOME is not in list of variable<br>
<h2>3.3 M2 Friday, 22 September 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">155793</a>: Patch to fix jface.text.Assert deprecation<br>
<a href="">155447</a>: incorrect service segment for org.eclipse.ant.ui in R3_2_maintenance branch<br>
<a href="">152063</a>: Improvements to the Ant tasks / types selfhosting help<br>
<a href="">156621</a>: Wrong name for interface in ant extension documentation<br>
<a href="">155762</a>: 21 Error dialogs before the Ant LCD appears<br>
<a href="">149739</a>: Improve AntRunner javadocs<br>
<h2>3.3 M1 Thursday, 10 August 2006</h2>
<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
<a href="">152480</a>: Update the platform ant home resources<br>
<a href="">143008</a>: Changing Ant Home and Reloading build file results in ClasscastException<br>
<a href="">150825</a>: No syntax coloring if Ant Editor is associated with different content type or extension<br>
<a href="">152508</a>: ANT file names pattern...<br>
<a href="">152625</a>: Adapt external tools to the propertyPages extension point deprecations<br>
<a href="">141317</a>: Templates don't work when creating a new build file<br>
<a href="">139190</a>: Name column in the Ant launch dialog is not properly sized<br>
<a href="">146298</a>: [launching] Eclipse does not ask to save dirty editors before running an external program<br>