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<title>Ant Build Tool Core extension-points</title>
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Ant Build Tool Core Plug-in</h1></center>
This document lists all of the extension points that the Ant Build Tool Core
plug-in makes available to tool developers.
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General Extension Points</h1>
The following extension points can be used to extend the fundamental capabilities
of the Ant core plug-in:
<a href="org_eclipse_ant_core_antTasks.html">org.eclipse.ant.core.antTasks</a></li>
<a href="org_eclipse_ant_core_antTypes.html">org.eclipse.ant.core.antTypes</a></li>
<a href="org_eclipse_ant_core_extraClasspathEntries.html">org.eclipse.ant.core.extraClasspathEntries</a></li>
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