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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project name="buildlibrary" default="run" basedir=".">
<!-- The properties ${eclipse-home} ${jdk-path} should be passed into this script -->
<!-- Set a meaningful default value for when it is not. -->
<property name="eclipse-home" value="${basedir}/../.."/>
<property name="jdk-path" value="${java.home}"/>
<property name="installArch" value="x86" />
<property name="destination" value="${eclipse-home}/org.eclipse.update.core.linux/os/linux/${installArch}/"/>
<property name="obj-path" value="${eclipse-home}/org.eclipse.update.core.linux/src/"/>
<property name="src-path" value="${eclipse-home}/org.eclipse.update.core.linux/src/"/>
<!-- sets the properties -->
<property name="library-name" value="libupdate"/>
<property name="library-platform" value="so"/>
<property name="library-file" value="${library-name}.${library-platform}"/>
<!-- This target holds all initialization code that needs to be done for -->
<!-- all tests that are to be run. Initialization for individual tests -->
<!-- should be done within the body of the suite target. -->
<target name="init">
<fileset dir="${obj-path}" includes="${library-file}"/>
<fileset dir="${obj-path}" includes="${library-name}.o"/>
<!-- This target holds code to cleanup the testing environment after -->
<!-- after all of the tests have been run. You can use this target to -->
<!-- delete temporary files that have been created. -->
<target name="cleanup">
<fileset dir="${obj-path}" includes="${library-file}"/>
<fileset dir="${obj-path}" includes="${library-name}.o"/>
<!-- This target runs the build. -->
<target name="run" depends="init,build,cleanup">
<!-- This target build the library -->
<target name="build">
<echo message="Building ${library-file}"/>
<property name="header-path" value="${jdk-path}/../include"/>
<property name="header-linux-path" value="${header-path}/linux" />
<echo message="gcc -o ${library-file} -shared -I${src-path} -I${header-linux-path} -fPIC ${library-file}"/>
<apply executable="gcc" dest="${eclipse-home}/" parallel="false">
<arg value="-o"/>
<arg value="${library-file}"/>
<arg value="-shared"/>
<arg value="-I${src-path}"/>
<arg value="-I${header-path}"/>
<arg value="-I${header-linux-path}"/>
<arg value="-fPIC"/>
<fileset dir="${src-path}" includes="*.c"/>
<mapper type="glob" from="*.c" to="*.o"/>
<move file="${library-file}" todir="${destination}"/>