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<title>Eclipse Platform Release Notes Ant</title>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
Eclipse SDK Build June 3, 2003
Resolved Bugs</h3>
<a href="">38142</a>: Unknown extension point specified in org.eclipse.ui.externaltools<br>
<a href="">37522</a>: properties with capitals are lost in content assist<br>
<a href="">38029</a>: Build fails resulting from errors in build file provides no link<br>
<a href="">37516</a>: AntRunner should return an IPlatformRunnable return code<br>
<a href="">38284</a>: [External Tools] Illegal access to DebugUIPlugin<br>
<a href="">37529</a>: Ant UI tests failing<br>
<a href="">38287</a>: TVT21: Use of variable makes the string difficult to translate<br>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
Eclipse SDK Build May 13, 2003
Resolved Bugs</h3>
<a href="">37060</a>: Ant core preference store persistance<br>
<a href="">37173</a>: VariableSelectionDialog needs a key listener<br>
<a href="">37451</a>: XDOCtasks.xml does not need to be included in binary plugin<br>
<a href="">37520</a>: Cannot edit properties from double click<br>
<a href="">37502</a>: Property icon missing in Ant editor outline and from content assist proposals<br>
<a href="">35834</a>: Action set icons: some color; some not<br>
<a href="">32444</a>: No configurability for code completion in Ant Editor<br>
<a href="">20169</a>: Help context ids for External tools<br>
<a href="">25337</a>: External Builder Configuration<br>
<a href="">31699</a>: Ant editor completion should provide minimal required keys<br>
<a href="">36869</a>: WorkingSetComponent should allow creating/editing of working sets<br>
<a href="">36971</a>: Classpath not set correctly for parsing target<br>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
Eclipse SDK Build May 06, 2003
Resolved Bugs</h3>
<a href="">36574</a>: Additional classpath entries on Ant dont take effect<br>
<a href="">36848</a>: Support double-click in variable selection dialog<br>
<a href="">37088</a>: Argument expansion consistently fails<br>
<a href="">37074</a>: External tool builders should not default to run in the background<br>
<a href="">37007</a>: NPE with missing name for property<br>
<a href="">37185</a>: Properties not sorted properly after edit<br>
<a href="">37059</a>: Better error reporting when arguments cannot be expanded<br>
<a href="">37094</a>: Specifying -D with spaces differs from cmd line<br>
<a href="">36875</a>: Targets tab defaults 50/50 split for names and descriptions<br>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
Eclipse SDK Build April 29, 2003
Resolved Bugs</h3>
<a href="">35511</a>: NPE running external tools<br>
<a href="">36444</a>: Ant view needs a refresh action<br>
<a href="">36581</a>: External tool closed when Eclipse exits<br>
<a href="">29316</a>: Classpath entries and task/type paths separators not platform specific<br>
<a href="">36870</a>: Separate the Ant UI from ExternalToolsUI<br>
<a href="">37056</a>: NPE creating new Ant config<br>
<a href="">36937</a>: WorkingSetComponent should set the working set images<br>
<a href="">36538</a>: Add a ${variable} that prompts the user with a dialog<br>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
Eclipse SDK Build April 22, 2003
Resolved Bugs</h3>
<a href="">35507</a>: Preference pages do not set help on control<br>
<a href="">35508</a>: Ant editor preference page doesn't set widget fonts<br>
<a href="">34608</a>: Exception using content assist<br>
<a href="">35497</a>: ArrayIndexOutOfBounds on external tools page<br>
<a href="">35726</a>: Remove unused icons in External Tools<br>
<a href="">34984</a>: RunTargetAction causing parsing of build file out of ProjectNode<br>
<a href="">36076</a>: Ant View does not refresh for projects outside the workspace<br>
<a href="">31691</a>: Allow unrecognized arguments to pass through<br>
<a href="">34488</a>: When "-quiet" no report of build success or failure<br>
<a href="">36570</a>: Ant view parses files during shutdown<br>
<a href="">34709</a>: Should be allowed to apply changes to Ant launch config when errors<br>
<a href="">35648</a>: No help context for variable selection dialog<br>
<a href="">36660</a>: Double click in external tool builder property page should invoke edit<br>
<a href="">36728</a>: NPE after upgrading<br>
<a href="">36353</a>: Move to Ant 1.5.3<br>
<a href="">27245</a>: If Ant "core" classes cannot be found, no error reported<br>
<a href="">34645</a>: Representation of default targets<br>
<a href="">36158</a>: Workbench Help set on wrong Composite<br>
<a href="">36596</a>: No completion proposals for properties that contain '-'<br>
<a href="">36412</a>: Refreshing for specific resource should set an initial selection<br>