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# Copyright (c) 2000, 2011 IBM Corporation and others.
# All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
# are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
# which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
# Contributors:
# IBM Corporation - initial API and implementation
# EclipseSource - adaption for RAP
############################################################################### = RAP Eclipse UI
Plugin.providerName = - RAP
# RAP Ext points
ExtPoint.rap.adapterfactory = AdapterFactory
ExtPoint.rap.branding = Branding
ExtPoint.rap.entrypoint = EntryPoint
ExtPoint.rap.phaselistener = PhaseListener
ExtPoint.rap.resources = Resources
ExtPoint.rap.settingstores = Setting Stores
ExtPoint.rap.themes = RWT Themes
ExtPoint.rap.themeContributions = RWT Theme Contributions
ExtPoint.rap.themeableWidgets = RWT Themeable Widgets
ExtPoint.rap.serviceHandler = ServiceHandler
ExtPoint.acceleratorConfigurations = Accelerator Configurations
ExtPoint.acceleratorScopes = Accelerator Scopes
ExtPoint.acceleratorSets = Accelerator Sets
ExtPoint.actionDefinitions = Action Definitions
ExtPoint.activities = Activities
ExtPoint.activitySupport = Activity Support
ExtPoint.actionSets = Action Sets
ExtPoint.actionSetPartAssociations = Action Set Part Associations
ExtPoint.bindings = Bindings
ExtPoint.commands = Commands
ExtPoint.commandImages = Command Images
ExtPoint.contexts = Contexts
ExtPoint.decorators = Decorators
ExtPoint.dropActions = Drop Actions
ExtPoint.editorActions = Editor Menus and Actions
ExtPoint.editors = Editors
ExtPoint.elementFactories = Element Factories
ExtPoint.encodings = Encodings
ExtPoint.exportWizards = Export Wizards
ExtPoint.fontDefinitions = Font Definitions
ExtPoint.helpSupport = Help UI
ExtPoint.handlers = Handlers
ExtPoint.importWizards = Import Wizards
ExtPoint.intro = Introduction Extensions
ExtPoint.keywords = Keywords
ExtPoint.menus = Menus
ExtPoint.newWizards = Resource Creation Wizards
ExtPoint.perspectiveExtensions = Perspective Extensions
ExtPoint.perspectives = Perspectives
ExtPoint.popupMenus = Popup Menus
ExtPoint.preferencePages = Preference Pages
ExtPoint.preferenceTransfer = Preference Transfer
ExtPoint.themes = Themes
ExtPoint.presentationFactories = Presentation Factories
ExtPoint.propertyPages = Property Pages
ExtPoint.startup = Startup
ExtPoint.splashHandlers = Splash Handlers = Services
ExtPoint.systemSummarySections = System Summary Sections
ExtPoint.viewActions = View Menus and Actions
ExtPoint.views = Views
ExtPoint.workingSets = Working set dialogs
ExtPoint.browserSupport = Browser Support
ExtPoint.statusHandlers = Status Handlers
ExtPoint.installationPages = Installation Pages
ExtPoint.tweaklets = Tweaklets (internal/experimental)
ExtPoint.propertiesView = Properties view
ExtPoint.layouts = Layouts
ExtPoint.configurableStackPresentation = Configurable Stacks
Views.Category.Basic = General
Views.IntroAdapter = Welcome
FontsPreference.BannerFontLabel = Banner Font
FontsPreference.DialogFontLabel = Dialog Font
FontsPreference.HeaderFontLabel = Header Font
FontsPreference.TextFontLabel = Text Font
FontsPreference.TitleFont = Part title font
FontsPreference.ViewMessageFont = View message font
FontsPreference.BannerFontDescription = The banner font is used in wizard banners.
FontsPreference.DialogFontDescription = The dialog font is the font for widgets in dialogs.
FontsPreference.HeaderFontDescription = The header font is used for section headers in composite text pages.
FontsPreference.TextFontDescription = The text font is used by text editors.
FontsPreference.TitleFontDescription = The font that is used for view and editor titles. Please note that it is recommended that this font not be bold or italic because the workbench will use bold and italic versions of this font to display progress.
FontsPreference.ViewMessageFontDescription = The font that is used for messages in the view title bar (if present).
Presentation.misc.desc=Basic colors and fonts used throughout workbench dialogs and editors.
Presentation.default=View and Editor Folders
Presentation.default.desc=Colors and fonts used by the default Eclipse presentation. Presentation
SystemSummary.sectionTitle.platform=Platform Details
category.perspective.description=Commands for opening perspectives
category.view.description=Commands for opening views
command.aboutAction.description = Open the about dialog = About
command.installationDialog.description = Open the installation dialog = Installation Information
command.activateEditor.description = Activate the editor = Activate Editor
command.addBookmark.description = Add a bookmark = Add Bookmark
command.back.description = Navigate back = Back
command.backwardHistory.description = Move backward in the editor navigation history = Backward History
command.close.description = Close the active editor = Close
command.closePart.description = Close the active workbench part = Close Part
command.closeAll.description = Close all editors = Close All
command.closeOthers.description = Close all editors except the one that is active = Close Others
command.closeAllPerspectives.description = Close all open perspectives = Close All Perspectives
command.closePerspective.description = Close the current perspective = Close Perspective = Perspective Id
command.contentAssistContextInformation.description= Show Context Information Context Information
command.contentAssistProposals.description= Content Assist Content Assist
command.copy.description = Copy the selection to the clipboard = Copy
command.customizePerspective.description = Customize the current perspective = Customize Perspective
command.cut.description = Cut the selection to the clipboard = Cut
command.delete.description = Delete the selection = Delete
command.displayHelp.description= Display a Help topic
command.displayHelp.hrefParameter= Help topic href Display Help
command.exit.description = Exit the application = Exit
command.export.description = Export = Export Wizard = Export
command.findReplace.description = Find and replace text = Find and Replace
command.forward.description = Navigate forward = Forward
command.forwardHistory.description = Move forward in the editor navigation history = Forward History
command.goInto.description = Navigate into the selected item = Go Into
command.helpContents.description = Open the help contents = Help Contents
command.helpSearch.description = Open the help search = Help Search
command.dynamicHelp.description = Open the dynamic help = Dynamic Help
command.hideShowEditors.description = Hide all editors = Hide Editors
command.import.description = Import = Import Wizard = Import
command.lockToolBar.description = Lock the Toolbars = Lock the Toolbars
command.linkWithEditor.description = Toggles linking of a view's selection with the active editor's selection = Toggle Link with Editor = Maximize Active View or Editor
command.maximizePart.description = Toggles maximize/restore state of active view or editor = Minimize Active View or Editor
command.minimizePart.description = Minimizes the active view or editor
command.move.description = Move the selected item = Move...
command.newEditor.description = Open another editor on the active editor's input = New Editor
command.newWindow.description = Open another window = New Window = New Wizard
command.newWizard.description = Open the New item wizard = New = Navigate to the next item = Next
command.nextEditor.description = Switch to the next editor = Next Editor = Next Page
command.nextPage.description = Switch to the next page
command.nextPerspective.description = Switch to the next perspective = Next Perspective = Next Sub-Tab
command.nextSubTab.description = Switch to the next sub-tab = Next Tab
command.nextTab.description = Switch to the next tab
command.nextView.description = Switch to the next view = Next View
command.openEditorDropDown.description = Open the editor drop down list = Quick Switch Editor
command.paste.description = Paste from the clipboard = Paste
command.pinEditor.description = Pin the current editor = Pin Editor
command.preferences.description = Open the preferences dialog = Preferences
command.preferences.preferencePageIdParameter = Preference Page
command.previous.description = Navigate to the previous item = Previous
command.previousEditor.description = Switch to the previous editor = Previous Editor = Previous Page
command.previousPage.description = Switch to the previous page
command.previousPerspective.description = Switch to the previous perspective = Previous Perspective = Previous Sub-Tab
command.previousSubTab.description = Switch to the previous sub-tab = Previous Tab
command.previousTab.description = Switch to the previous tab
command.previousView.description = Switch to the previous view = Previous View
command.print.description = Print = Print = Display the properties of the selected item = Properties
command.quickAccess.description = Quickly access UI elements = Quick Access
command.spy.description = Shows contribution information for the currently selected element = Show Contributing Plug-in
command.quickStart.description = Show help for beginning users = Welcome
command.redo.description = Redo the last operation = Redo
command.refresh.description = Refresh the selected items = Refresh
command.rename.description = Rename the selected item = Rename
command.resetPerspective.description = Reset the current perspective to its default state = Reset Perspective = Restart
command.restartWorkbench.description = Restart the workbench
command.revert.description = Revert to the last saved state = Revert = Save the current contents = Save
command.saveAll.description = Save all current contents = Save All
command.saveAs.description = Save the current contents to another location = Save As
command.savePerspective.description = Save the current perspective = Save Perspective As
command.selectAll.description = Select all = Select All
command.showKeyAssist.description = Show the key assist dialog = Show Key Assist = Show Perspective
command.showPerspective.description = Show a particular perspective
command.showPerspective.perspectiveIdParameter = Parameter
command.showPerspective.newWindowParameter = In New Window
command.showSystemMenu.description = Show the system menu = Show System Menu
command.showViewMenu.description = Show the view menu = Show View Menu = Show View
command.showView.description = Shows a particular view
command.showView.viewIdParameter = View
command.showView.makeFastParameter = As FastView
command.switchToEditor.description = Switch to an editor = Switch to Editor
command.tipsAndTricks.description = Open the tips and tricks help page = Tips and Tricks
command.undo.description = Undo the last operation = Undo
command.up.description = Navigate up one level = Up = Toggle Toolbar Visibility
command.toggleCoolbar.description = Toggles the visibility of the window toolbar
context.editingText.description = Editing Text Context = Editing Text = In Dialogs and Windows
context.dialogAndWindow.description = Either a dialog or a window is open = In Dialogs
context.dialog.description = A dialog is open = In Windows
context.window.description = A window is open = Action Set
context.actionSet.description = Parent context for action sets
keyConfiguration.default.description = Default Key Configuration = Default
keyConfiguration.emacs.description = Emacs Key Configuration = Emacs
Color.activeTabText=Active part foreground
Color.activeTabTextDesc=The color used for active view and editor title text.
Color.activeNofocusTabText=Active (non-focus) part foreground
Color.activeNofocusTabTextDesc=The color used for active (but without focus) view and editor title text.
Color.inactiveTabText=Inactive part foreground
Color.inactiveTabTextDesc=The color used for inactive view and editor title text.
Color.activeTabBGStart=Active part background begin
Color.activeTabBGEnd=Active part background end
Color.activeTabBGStartDesc=The first color used for active view and editor title gradients.
Color.activeTabBGEndDesc=The second color used for active view and editor title gradients.
Color.activeNofocusTabBGStart=Active (non-focus) part background begin
Color.activeNofocusTabBGEnd=Active (non-focus) part background end
Color.activeNofocusTabBGStartDesc=The first color used for active (but without focus) view and editor title gradients.
Color.activeNofocusTabBGEndDesc=The second color used for active (but without focus) view and editor title gradients.
Color.inactiveTabBGStart=Inactive part background begin
Color.inactiveTabBGEnd=Inactive part background end
Color.inactiveTabBGStartDesc=The first color used for inactive view and editor title gradients. This color is also used for active editors that do not have focus.
Color.inactiveTabBGEndDesc=The second color used for inactive view and editor title gradients. This color is also used for the view menu background.
Color.errorText=Error text color
Color.errorTextDesc=Color used to show error messages.
Color.hyperlinkText=Hyperlink text color
Color.hyperlinkTextDesc=Color used to show links.
Color.activeHyperlinkText=Active hyperlink text color
Color.activeHyperlinkTextDesc=Color used to show active links.
Color.qualifierText=Qualifier information color
Color.qualifierTextDesc=The color used to render qualifier information in views where colored labels are supported. In the string 'Foo.txt - myproject/bar' the qualifier is '- myproject/bar'.
Color.decorationsText=Decoration color
Color.decorationsTextDesc=The color used to render decoration information in views where colored labels are supported. In the string 'Foo.txt [1.16]' the decoration is '[1.16]'.
Color.counterText=Counter color
Color.counterTextDesc=The color used to render counter information in views where colored labels are supported. In the string 'Foo.txt (2 matches)' the counter information is '(2 matches)'.
Color.contentAssistForeground=Content Assist foreground color
Color.contentAssistForegroundDesc=The color used for text in a content assist popup.
Color.contentAssistBackground=Content Assist background color
Color.contentAssistBackgroundDesc=The color used for the background of a content assist popup.
ThemeName.SystemDefault = Reduced Palette
HighContrast.ThemeDescription = A theme that takes all of its values from the system settings.
ThemeName.R30 = Classic Theme
SettingsTransfer.WorkbenchLayout = Workbench Layout
SettingsTransfer.WorkingSets = Working Sets = Working Set Contents
command.collapseAll.description = Collapse the current tree = Collapse All
command.expandAll.description = Expand the current tree = Expand All = Open Quick Menu = Location URI = Show In = Show In Target Id = About = Configuration = Plug-ins