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--- RCPTT testcase ---
Format-Version: 1.0
Contexts: _ymiyse5IEeCU6db9MgIBkA,_ZQYygK2sEeCqBbDEJWufvQ,_XltvoIKaEeC_2txVMvPWLQ,_W62xEO9AEeCZz89QM6kozg
Element-Name: AddContextFromControlPanel
Element-Type: testcase
Element-Version: 3.0
Id: _3lOkMO_-EeCXWfaP50PILw
Save-Time: 8/27/14 12:59 PM
Tags: selfAUT, Context, ControlPanel
Testcase-Type: ecl
Content-Type: text/plain
Entry-Name: .description
Copyright (c) 2009, 2014 Xored Software Inc and others.
All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
Xored Software Inc - initial creation and/or initial documentation
1. Start recording;
2. Switch to "Contexts" tab and press "Add" button;
3. Select context in a list and press "OK";
4. Switch to Q7 mode. Make sure selected contexts present in Context list in a test.
Content-Type: text/ecl
Entry-Name: .content
get-view "Test Explorer" | get-tree | select "TestQ7Prj/Test scenario" | double-click -nowait
get-editor "Test scenario" | get-button Record | click
with [get-window "Control Panel.*"] {
get-tab-folder | get-tab-item Contexts | click
get-button "Add..." | click
with [get-window "Select context"] {
get-button "Show contexts from required projects only" | click
get-table | select "1 \\(Q7Project\\)" "2 \\(Q7Project\\)" "A \\(Q7Project\\)"
get-button OK | click
get-button Stop | click
with [get-window "Control Panel - Test scenario (TestQ7Prj) - selfQ7"] {
get-button Save | click
get-button "Return to RCPTT" | click
get-window "Missing references" | get-button Yes | click
get-editor "Test scenario" | get-section Contexts | click -nowait
get-editor "Test scenario" | get-section Contexts | get-table | get-property itemCount | equals 3 | verify-true