1. Fixed bug "Shift + Replay in test case editor isn't recorded" - added new parameter "metaKeys" for "click" command.

1.1 Added metakeys support for "click" action on Button, HyperLink, Label.
2. Docs: added description of parameters "metaKeys" and "mask" for actions click, DragAction, MouseAction.
3. Refactoring of DefaultKeyStrokeManagerExtension.getMask.
4. Fixing handler for multiple metakeys: new method DefaultKeyStrokeManagerExtension.getMetaKeys was added.
5. Test FormToolkitRecording modified for check clicking with metakeys on Button, Hyperlink, Label.

Change-Id: Ifb5ec612ae4f4a14c26e5d05fe9f0092746aa137
Signed-off-by: Eugene Grebenyuk <evgeniy.grebenyuk@xored.com>
339 files changed