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 Keep in mind that tools are meant to support processes, not the other way around.  \pror{} is a flexible tool, and it can be tailored to support your processes.  But development processes are explicitly outside the scope of this handbook.
-If you are interested in adopting a lightweight development process that can be used with \pror{}, please check out the resources we provide at \href{}{}.
-\section{ReqIF Studio, RMF, Essentials and ProR}
-\index{ReqIF Studio}
+For a tool to be useful, it is crucial to have quick access to all related information. \href{}{} has been created for exactly that purpose. Instead of hunting information down from all over the web, provides all information in one spot. 
+\begin{definition}{} (\url{}) is an online knowledge base for ReqIF and ReqIF Studio. Visit it for videos, templates, checklists, references and of course software and this handbook.
+At, you find the following content:
+\item[Videos.] Videos cover ReqIF Studio, requirements exchange, the Requirements Interchange Format, and much more. New videos are added on a regular basis.
+\item[Software.] Software includes ReqIF Studio itself, for various platforms, and a number of free and premium software components.
+\item[Books.] A number of free and premium eBooks, including this handbook as PDF or in print.
+\item[References.] Many cheat sheets and other references, including one for the ReqIF standard.
+\item[FAQs.] A number of continuously updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
+\item[Checklists.] For commonly performed tasks, you can download appropriate checklists.
+\item[Templates.] We will continuously add templates to the library, to help you get started quickly.
+\item[Papers.] The library includes various publications related to the subject matter.
+\section{ReqIF Studio, RMF and ProR}
 There are a few derivatives of the RMF project that may be confusing.  The following will
 help you to understand the ecosystem and how the pieces fit together: