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/* load the config.bld located one up from this package's repository */
/* WARNING: this may point to config.bld of the old XDC tree. */
//xdc.loadCapsule(xdc.getPackageRepository( + "/../config.bld");
/* fixup the host targets for this package */
var Linux86 = xdc.module("gnu.targets.Linux86_64");
/* In this package, we are building host executables that don't need
* libstdc++, which is added by default to the linker command line for the
* Linux target because xdc.runtime adds a piece of C++ code. By linking
* with libstdc++ the resulting executable has a dependency on a specific
* which causes these executables to be less portable.
Linux86.lnkOpts.suffix = "-L$(rootDir)/lib64";
var MacOS86_64 = xdc.module("gnu.targets.MacOS86_64");
MacOS86_64.lnkOpts.suffix = "-L$(rootDir)/lib";