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xdc-A71 (corevers:; B:150,G:180,R:170)
eXpanDed C Tools (XDCtools)
This tree contains the RTSC build and configuration engines for
target content. The tree is used in XDCtools product releases.
Librarian repo creation
The xdc.git repo was created to "track" the repo maintained at and was created as follows:
git clone --bare ssh:// xdc.git
cd xdc.git
git config remote.origin.fetch "+refs/heads/*:refs/heads/*"
o setup ssh to enable "git" from xlibrary as "dr" (if necessary)
cd ~xlibrary/.ssh
cp -f config-dr config
o Build this tree from Linux using standard SM-MAKE
# clone the tree and merge/review user content
ggentree xdc.git/
cd xdc-A??
# make sure the user email and name are your eclipse credentials
# before making any changes that need to be pushed to eclipse
cat config-dr >> ./.git/config
# make sure the user email and name are your eclipse credentials
git merge origin/xdccore-A-dr
# build the tree
SM-MAKE .clean
SM-MAKE .all-files >& Make.log
# update README
emacs README
git commit -a -m xdc-A??
# release the tree
greltree -u dr -m "something brief and meaningful"
o to make both the UNIX and PC sides, from a Linux workstation, go to the
top directory of the tree and type:
SM-MAKE .all-files
To clean the tree, type:
SM-MAKE .clean
o to build only packages in src/packages from scratch:
SM-MAKE .xdc-packages
o to build bundles:
SM-MAKE .bundles
o to run regressions:
SM-MAKE .regress
added environment variable, XDCTOOLS_GMAKE, to allow user to set the
name of the GNU 3.81 compatible command name to use (but only if
gmake is not found)
filter MAKFFLAGS to eliminate GNU make jobserver warnings when using
xdc --jobs=4 to build executables that trigger the use of SourceDir
to create user-supplied makefiles to build libraries.
ECL465257 - xdc.cfg.SourceDir should support locating "make" along the path
ECL465351 - parallel builds of packages that use SourceDir generate make